Sorting Stuff and Working

No photos today – it is still way to scary even thinking about all the “stuff” we sorted on the weekend.

On Saturday  Elise, Nicola, James and I sorted out all of Elise’s “stuff” that she would need for setting up a flat in Bendigo next year.

There was a lot of it.

Acutally there was more than a lot of it.

It took all morning – and I do mean all morning with all us of working – with only a very quick break for a cuppa and a yoyo biscuit that thankfully Nicola had made a few days earlier.

In the end we discovered that there is just enough crockery, glasses, cutlery, sheets, towels, baking equipment, food storage containers and so on to set Elise up with the basics……with only a few minor items to still purchase.

Enough stuff that in fact she shouldn’t need to buy any of those essentials (that don’t run out) for the four years she will be a uni.

Everything was then boxed up and labelled then squeezed back into Elise’s room – as no one else was offering any space to store her “stuff”.

Elise and I both needed a nanna nap that afternoon to recover.  It’s exhausting trying to work out what a girl would need to set up her new home.

Yesterday (while enjoying coffee and doing a few essential jobs down the street) Elise and I bought the last few things that she needed.

So now she is all set.

There are still white goods to be purchased – but Ashley wants to look at what we picked out and it’s a case of fitting in with his work which is always frantic this time of year.

Best of all Elise received out of the blue, a job offer of full time office work, starting next Monday for five weeks leading up to Christmas with more work after Christmas depending on sales at the local turf farm. We know the people and they will be great to work for.   Ashley does all their electrical work and we swapped electrical work for one of their delicious lambs which is now residing in my freezer – we had a roast on Sunday night and it was fantastic!!!!!!  They didn’t know Elise but as she had come with me to pick up the meat and was chatting to the “boss” a job offer was made.  It couldn’t have worked out better. As I said to Elise – “now you can afford to eat next year providing you are careful with your money”.  She agreed.  The prospect of not living on baked beans or canned spaghetti for the year was just to tempting to pass up….lol.

What was even better – but only slightly – was that they understood there were days she couldn’t work as she would have to sort out uni stuff and they are prepared to give her time off for those things.  Also as Elise has a job already at one of the local stores in town and is hoping to get a transfer to a sister store in Bendigo – they said they will work in with what hours she gets there as it was important that she is able to be transferred. Yes it’s complicated but it will work out in the end.  She hasn’t had a lot of work at the store – but it’s a possibility of work in Bendigo which is a beginning.



2 thoughts on “Sorting Stuff and Working

  1. So exciting, I bet Elise is getting really stoked to be out and experiencing having her own place. Something I never had as I went from living with mom and dad to getting married. She will be so much more mature and independent. I noticed a big difference when my first left for school, well all of them actually.

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