Further Down the Exam Path

No photos of strange birds today unfortunately or otherwise depending on your point of view. I think all sensible birds are hiding as it’s hot and muggy and very, very windy and thoroughly horrible. Rain and thunder and some magnificent lightening if the flashes of light around the bedroom blinds was anything to go by at 5.30 am this morning.  We didn’t get a lot of rain but apparently Mildura received about half an inch which was good.

Elise had a Maths exam on Monday. It was the written exam – the one on last Friday was a multiple choice. Monday’s exam did not go so well and Elise thought she barely got half way through the questions.   Lots and lots of writing (as is to be expected I guess) and some very complicated maths problems.  Still she is reasonably happy and not worrying about the results -yet.

Today was Design Tech.  Only an hour and a half and it was easy she thought.  Tomorrow is marked as a study day and Friday is Accounting.

Yesterday I went to Cohuna and Ashley worked all day so that gave Elise a full day of peace and quiet to study.

I’ll be very glad to have these exams over – as no doubt lots of year 12 students will.

Elise says it still feels really strange to be home and doing study/homework and not be sick as that is usually the only reason she is home for any extended period of time.



3 thoughts on “Further Down the Exam Path

  1. I hope Elise is feeling well. Ayden did his second maths methods exam today and yesterday he had no calculator allowed maths methods and health. He said he didn’t think he got 40 today (not that he expected that in maths!) but all the questions done but the exams were tricky. Just chemistry and physics to go next week. It’s such a strange feeling that there is no more study to go for that subject and they are getting close to the finish line.

  2. Tell her to hang in there and I hope everything goes well for her. The thing about the math exam is if she found it hard then most likely everyone else did as well so it’s all a relative thing. If she normally does well in math then most likely she’ll be at the top of the pack and that’s what counts.

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