This Is On My Mind…..

Lots of things on my mind today.

The first of the VCE Maths exams was today. Elise thought she did ok – it was multiple choice.  Next Monday’s maths exam is a written one where they have to show their working out.  I’m prediciting quite a bit of study over the weekend.

Nicola sat for her Learner’s Driving Permit and passed at 9 am this morning. So now we have to do 120 hours minimum of supervised driving before she turns 18 in two years time so she can then get her probationary licence.  Hours that don’t sound hard to clock up but are sometimes difficult to find time for.

Our Apprenctice walked in after lunch and commented on the lovely swarm of bees we had near the carport. They weren’t there when Ashley got home an hour earlier and hopefully will move on. I rang the pest control man and he said they were resting before moving on.  If they haven’t moved by tomorrow he suggested putting a sprinkler on underneath them as it will encourage them to move.  I suggested that if they hadn’t moved by Monday he would be getting another phone call from me.

A swarm of Bees - resting!!!!

I love bees in the garden but not in that quantity and not right near my vegie garden and considering how if I get stung I tend to swell up rather alarmingly I really don’t need that many so close to the house.

As always you can find what is on Rhonda’s and others minds by popping over to Rhonda’s blog.  This is a Friday photo feature that anyone can join in – so if you feel the urge go ahead.  The more the merrier.


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