VCE English Exam

The first of the VCE exams stated today.

Well Hello handsome

English was at 9 am.

Got to wonder what he/she is thinking about now

I drove Elise – she thought that she might not get a park near the exam center – she was right – every man and his dog (or at least every VCE student for the area) was parked there.

Slightly Insane Bird

I promised I would be back at 12.15 pm to pick her up. I didn’t get there but her father did.  It’s easier to see the work van in a crowd….vbg.

Weird Bird

Elise is quietly confident that she did well and the exam wasn’t as difficult as it might have been.

Unlike this slightly weird bird who has decided that my sewing room windows gives a magnificent reflection of himself and thus has a very high opinion of his self, my girl is holding it all together and is  doing her best.  Celebrations will come when her results arrive in December.

Maths tomorrow.



PS The bird is back. I’m beginning to wonder if he is stalking me….lol.


3 thoughts on “VCE English Exam

  1. Ayden said it was a bit different to what he expected and he didn’t get to use his favourite quote. It’s his strongest subject so I have my fingers crossed. I hope Elise coped well with the stress

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