Easy Cleaning Recipes

I have to admit not only was it nice to hear from others what they thought of my Homemade Cleaning Recipe books I made for the girls, it was even nicer to have the girls thank me and even get and “awesome” from Elise.

I thought, since it was requested, that I would share what recipes I have included in the books.

Most are recipes I have tried myself and like.  Some are others that I have found on the net and have seen comments by others on how good they are.  I figured if I put a range of different recipes – like the three I included for clothes washing detergent – then the girls (and for that matter anyone else) can try and see what they like.  After all what suits one person may not suit another.

Rhonda at Down to Earth has some brilliant recipes for green cleaning and I would use her fabulous blog as a starting point for anyone wanting to make a change in what cleaners they use.  For that matter use her blog as a starting off point for a simpler life. She doesn’t lecture on simple living but offers alternatives to the consumer driven world we live in.   I added Rhonda’s Laundry Liquid, Concentrated Laundry Powder and Heavy Duty Washing Powder recipes to the book. I haven’t used them as yet – but Rhonda never steers her readers wrong when it comes to value for money and over all performance on cleaning products.  You can find all three recipes here and if you scroll down there is also her Fabric Softener recipe which is super complicated…vbg….you just add vinegar to the rinse water for lovely clothes.  I know it seems simple but I remember being a young bride in my new home and suddenly having a mental blank on how to wash clothes and how much powder to use despite my mother showing me and having to do the washing myself countless times.   I could have used a handy hints book then!!!   Throw in the Creamy Soft Scrubber recipe (which is my all time favourite for scrubbing the shower) and the Floor Cleaner using just vinegar and you will have most of what you need right there to get your home sparkling.  Both recipes are in the same post as the laundry detergent.

I have to say here that running out of Eucalyptus Oil in this household ranks up there as devastating as running out of chocolate. It simply isn’t acceptable.  For as long as I can remember both Grandma, Mum and now I  reached for the Eucalyptus Oil before we even thought about anything else.   You can find a fabulous list of the uses for Eucalyptus Oil here.   I included the entire list in all our books as there were some there that I simply didn’t know about but will definitely try in the future.

I have to say I am seriously hoping that the flat/unit we finally manage to get for Elise doesn’t have a dishwasher in it.  I know if it’s there she will use it and I think it far more economical to wash dishes by hand and the few she will use it just doesn’t make sense to use a dishwasher.  Having said that I do have a dishwasher but won’t replace it when it finally breaks down.  Nicola has already said she doesn’t want a Dishwasher. She said she preferred to wash dishes by hand, that it was quicker and she liked it!!!

Even so I did include the Dishwasher Powder recipe I found and use.  I didn’t add the essential oils as I figured I didn’t need them.  This powder does clump together but shaking the jar does help. I also put in some of those little moisture adsorbing capsule thingies that you get in bottles of tablets which seem to help a bit.  The only downside to this dishwasher powder is that it doesn’t get the tannin stains from all the tea we drink off the cups like the commercial dishwashers do, even though the cups are rinsed after use.  I can live with that – a few minutes with a cloth and some bicarb soda soon gets the cups sparkling again and if it means not using anything nasty it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

The Wool Wash Recipe that  I used for years was a definite addition to the book.  You can find it here.  It is brilliant and I used it heaps when the kids were in nappies.  One tablespoon to a bucket of water and soak the nappies in it then wash as normal. I even put a note on what to do with nappies on the bottom of the recipe. Not that I’m expecting the arrival of babies anytime soon  but as I hope the books will last both girls well into the future I figure I will cover all the bases.  ; – )

My Window Cleaner is super easy and it works. I should know I have actually been cleaning windows of late.  Get a bucket or bowl of hot water. Add a squirt of dishwashing liquid or liquid clothes detergent.  Wring out a soft cloth in the water – I use old face washers – and wipe down window. If it’s really dirty (like mine where – embarrassed look) it make take a couple of wipes and heaven forbid a bit of elbow grease.  Wipe the glass dry with another soft cloth. Super easy – ohh and you do have to wash both sides of the windows to make them look clean. Sorry about that.

Of course the Citrus Cleaner Recipe was included.  There are heaps out there but basically get a jar, put your citrus peel in it – I just put the lemons after I had squeezed them in it – fill with vinegar (cheapest is always best – we don’t want to spend a lot of money on this) pop on a lid and leave for three to four weeks, then strain vinegar and it’s ready to use.  I clean my tile floor with it -a good dollop in a bucket of hot water works wonders.  You can dilute it half and half with vinegar or water to make a fabulous cleaning spray too. Excellent for mirrors.  As I have several jars all on the go I found a five litre bottle that had had window cleaner it in (yes the horrible commercial stuff), washed it out then put all the citrus cleaner it in as it becomes ready. That way it all mixes together as some seems to be stronger than others – depends on the fruit I guess – and it’s all stored in just one place.

Citrus Cleaner


Last but by no means least – here is my absolute favourite cleaning recipe.  One of the ladies in Spinners and Weavers gave me this recipe a few months ago and I love it. I use it for cleaning benches, bathrooms, toilets, stain removal spray on the collars of the kids school t-shirts and cleaning the dining room table. It’s super easy, smells fantastic and cleans like you won’t believe.

I call it Grace’s Gloop in honour of Grace who gave me the recipe and because she calls it “Gloop”.  I don’t know where she got it from but she said she uses it on everything too.

Graces’s Gloop

40 ml Eucalyptus Oil or Lavender Oil – I prefer the Eucalyptus Oil.

200 ml White Vinegar

500 ml water

40 ml Dishwashing Liquid

2 tablespoons Washing Soda – not bicarb.

Dissolve soda in hot water add to rest of ingredients and mix well.  Pour into spray bottle and use as needed.

As I find more recipes I will add them to the books as needed.   Liz did ask why I hadn’t made a book for James. I will in time and like his sisters he is being taught how to clean and do basic housework.  He already cooks. I’m not having any future daughter in law looking and me and wondering just why I bought a domestically challenged son into the world thank you very much.  At the moment if I was to give him a book he wouldn’t use it, would loose it – no kidding to go into his room is a piece of string tied to the door and a cut lunch, and as he is 12 won’t need it for some time.  Rest assured though he will receive a copy and be encouraged to use it…..vbg.

If anyone else knows of any good green cleaning recipes that they love please leave a comment and a link so that I and others can see them.



3 thoughts on “Easy Cleaning Recipes

  1. thanks so much for publishing this! its great to have access to your collection, otherwise I would be searching from scratch, at least this gives me somewhere to start if I know they work for you.

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