Homemade Cleaning Recipes

A few weeks ago Elise asked me to write down all the cleaning recipes she might possibly need while living in a flat in Bendigo.

Yesterday was the first day I have had time (and the energy) to do something about her request.

 Cleaning Books

In typical Catherine style I did go a bit over board and have created three books full of recipes.

One for Elise, one for Nicola and one for myself – especially as I always seem to misplace that scrap of paper where I wrote down a particularly good homemade cleaner.

I have to admit it’s been heaps of fun.  Trolling the net, selecting clip art to go with each recipe – cause lets face it a book without pictures can be a bit boring and just playing around with it in general and just finding new recipes and some old favourites has kept me quite entertained.

My housework may have suffered while compiling recipes to help the girls do their cleaning but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.


5 thoughts on “Homemade Cleaning Recipes

  1. That’s so lovely, will you be sharing them on here as well, or can I order a copy? 🙂

    I did wonder why you didn’t make one for your son as well. I’m so glad my husband learnt to cook and clean before I met him, its worth teaching him, if only to impress the ladies later in life!

  2. Seriously awesome Catherine, you’re brilliant and your girls will love you if not now then down the road when they turn to your book for the hints and recipes.

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