Captain George Featherpants

Allow me to introduce you to the newest member of the menagerie.

Captain George Featherpants

Captain George Featherpants

Ok so the name was a compromise between James and myself.

I liked George.

James like Captain Featherpants.

We combined it.

Don’t hold it against us.
George and His Girls

For a while there it was going to Admiral Featherpants – but we will wait and see how George performs before giving him a promotion.

Thankfully George is also a returnable rooster. A friend gave him to us with the promise that if he didn’t work out she would take him back.

Today at least – being his first day – he is a perfect gentleman.


5 thoughts on “Captain George Featherpants

  1. Beautiful birds I never get tired of seeing them. If I lived in the country I’d try having some myself. You must get a lot of eggs, is it hard to keep up with using them or do you give some of them away?

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