My Boys Raced

Yesterday Ashley, James and I crawled out of bed at the horrible hour of 7 am (well it’s horrible on a Saturday) and drove an hour to Sea Lake so the “Boys” could race.

It was James’s first time navigating for Dad and he was super excited.   Put it this way if he was an earthquake – he would have been off the Richter scale!!!!!!

Super Excited

For both of them it was the first time racing in the new race car – which somehow arrived in our shed with all sorts of excuses such as “James wants to race with me.”  “You could race too dear.  It’s something we could do together”.  Hmm I will have to think about that one.

The Boys

James’s race suit hadn’t arrived in time so he wore Ashley’s other suit. Yes we have two of them as well as two race cars. It made me kind of happy to know that even though he is shooting up like a weed there are some things that still don’t fit him properly.

Heading off to race

The car performed very well and apparently James as naviagtor was extremely good. Perhaps he has watched enough off road racing on TV. Perhaps he is a natural. I don’t know but Ashley said he was outstanding at telling him when there was a bend, left or right turn, hairpin corner or just to “go for it Dad”. Ashley swears he didn’t coach him.  I think it’s a gift. But that could be just me being a proud Mum.

Doing very well

They were both getting into the swing of the new car racing thing when something broke.

It always happens. All these years of racing and Ashley has only ever completed one race in it’s entirity.


Apparently it’s not a major part and they both expected it to break.  It’s the drive shaft or something but nothing major and both are determined to have it fixed so they can go to Moyston and race in a fortnight.

Apparently that weekend is a boys weekend and Mum’s aren’t invited.  I couldnt’ go anyway – Elise has lectures in Bendigo the same weekend so Nicola and I are going down with her so we can shop while Elise learns.  It works for us!!!!


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