Who Knew

I have discovered that at 11 pm at night my brain isn’t working on all cylinders.

In fact I would have said last night it was hardly working at all.

Owl Tea cosy that fits!!!!

I spent hours crocheting this owl tea cosy only to discover that at 11 pm it wouldn’t fit on my tea pot!!!!!!!  In fact the pattern didn’t make sense at all so I did my usual and just made it up as I went along.

It was really quite amazing when I reread the pattern (after several hours very good sleep) to discover that I needed to crochet two body pieces (here I will confess to crocheting only one) and that once I had done so and fixed my “design modifications” it actually fitted onto the tea pot easily instead of trying to contort a tea pot full of boiling water and tea leaves into a tea cosy that really wasn’t big enough or even made the right way.

Owl Tea Cosy with two body pieces

Who knew????

I must say a huge thank you for all the support and emails I received over my worries regarding Elise and living away from home next year.  While I wouldn’t wish those worries and concerns on anyone it was so nice to know that I’m not the only one going through them and there was lots of good advice given and I’m going to take life day by day.  Somewhere in Bendigo are new friends just waiting for Elise to meet them.  There is a flat waiting for her that will allow her to have a cat and be safe and secure. There will be work down there for her and her studies are going to be interesting and enlightening and four years will just fly by.  I’m just going to keep believing that all will be well and in the meantime keep crocheting and knitting and organising…..cause it’s what I do best when I’m worried.  Not that I am….kind of.


3 thoughts on “Who Knew

  1. LOL, I have to admit I thought it was a frog until you said owl, hey it’s green sort of vbg. It needs a little yellow beak for some more definition.

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