A Very Crafty Morning

Today’s crafty moment comes courtesy of James….I was busy cleaning my junk sewing room so I could supervise without actually appearing to do so.

We are still working towards the Hand Made Christmas presents that are the highlight of this years Christmas and when I saw all sorts of crayon art on the net I showed James. To say he was super excited was an understatement.

We bought art canvas’s and crayons at the cheap shop last week – total cost – less than $20 for what will end up being five different presents and then James’s and I spent a pleasant hour sorting out crayons into colours that we both liked.  He has a very strong sense of colour which made it heaps easier as his Mum isn’t quite so good in that area. I tend to stick to “safe” combinations that I know will work.

Laying out the pattern

Today some crayons were sharpened with a pencil sharpener into piles of colours then James started laying them out in a pattern.


It was hard to know just how much crayon to sprinkle on the canvas but we took an educated guess and it worked just right.

Melting the Crayons

A sheet of baking paper was laid down over the crayons and very, very carefully James used the little iron that Ashley has to melt the crayons. It was, according to different blogs that we looked at, better to lift up and put down the iron rather that smooth it over the paper as that would smear the melting crayon.

The total melting time took less than five minutes and in fact I think it took James longer to lay out the crayon shavings than it did to melt them.


The paper was pulled off – semi carefully and this is the end result.

I might end up getting some ribbon that he can glue around the edges of the canvas just to tidy it up a bit and he has yet to sign his name on his “art” .

Just for once he totally blew his eldest sister away at his creativity – now that’s saying something…vbg.

This “painting” is for Nan for Christmas.

3 thoughts on “A Very Crafty Morning

  1. This looks really cool and fun besides. If the canvases are a standard size any chance of picking up a frame at the op-shop or making one? I don’t know if it’s possible to take the canvas and matt it and then put it into a frame but it’d go from looking interesting to looking like it was professional art. It’s amazing what a sharp looking frame can do for art work. I sometimes think that half the look is the frame.

    You could even type up a label with special font and have James date it and sign it or maybe have him sign the artwork and then have the description underneath the art.

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