Crocheting Success

Ok so after yesterday’s post where  I basically told the world, or at least my readers, that I suck at growing plants from seeds, I am happy to report that I am succeeding with a crochet hook and balls of wool.

I finally finished this cushion cover.

Plant Dyed wool Cushion

All it needed was three buttons sewn on and it was ready to use.  Total time – less than five minutes.  Why oh why did it take me so long to sew on those buttons????

I have been wanting to make a round cushion for positively ages – well ever since I have seen them on blogs looking divine.  In an attempt to reduce the every growing wooly stash I began this cushion…..

Round Cushion

…..and even more surprisingly finished it within a week.  Yipee!!!

I’m not into crocheting toys all that much but when I saw this David Tennant/Dr Who Doll I just had to make one.  Ok so my David Tennant is a whisker fatter than the real live David Tennant (who I happen to think was one of the best Dr Who’s ever) but what can I say. That’s the way the stuffing went.  You can find the pattern here at the Pixelated Mushroom.  By the way it was easy to make – if I wasn’t I wouldn’t have tackled it…lol.  This particular Doctor is destined to be a Christmas Present.

David Tennant/Dr Who

The toy theme continued with the borrowing of  a book from the library Hello my name is Amineko’.    Two of the wonderful ladies that work in my local library have dropped a humongous hint that they both love cats and thought that not only was the book stunning but they would love a crocheted cat each for themselves.  Sadly they don’t crochet, but they do know a very regular user of the library who does…which was where I came in.  They are on the list…….and it’s a very long list as apparently my children all thought they would also like a crocheted cat for themselves.


One day I will get all I want done in the meantime I am working every so slowly on this crocheted shawl for myself. It was destined to be worn with a black dress I had bought for Elise’s graduation dinner at the end of the year. It’s a very “posh do” apparently and we are expected to dress up.  My dress duly arrived and didn’t look bad on me. Elise tried it on and it was stunning so it looks like I’m back to the drawing board when it comes to a fancy dress but I am keeping the shawl!


Sorry not the best of photos but you get the idea.

A big thank you too for all those who commented yesterday on my seed raising problems. It’s nice to know I’m not alone.


2 thoughts on “Crocheting Success

  1. Wow some really yummy stuff here. LOL, I was feeling virtuous because today I finished a hand-quilted table runner now I see all that you’ve done and I feel like a slacker, vbg.

    I’ll blog the runner tomorrow if I get a chance, the babies are coming to see the zoo and I have a fruit platter to make for Jon and Corina’s shower Sunday.

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