What’s The Secret

It honestly drives me nuts.

Nature plants seeds all the time.

People plant seeds all the time.

There  are photos and blog posts galore of people “pricking out” their seedlings so they will grow on to become bigger plants.

There are even more photos of stunning vegie gardens chock full of plants that people have started from seeds they grew.

Yet I can’t seem to grow very much from seed.

Do I have to read the directions????

More to the point I can’t seem to grow anything much successfully from seed in a pot that could be later planted out into the garden!!!!!

You have to picture a slightly dishevelled  looking gardener here trying not to beat her head on the desk in frustration.

Occasionally I have success from seeds planted in the ground.  But most often my plants come from seedlings that I have bought at a market.

And that’s the bit that drives me nuts the most.

Purple Screwdrivers help heaps as do cups of tea

The fact that I can save all the seed I want but my chances of getting it to grow are fairly slim.  I want to grow plants from seeds that have acclimatised in my garden. I don’t want to be dependant on markets for my plants – I want to do it myself.  I want that awesome feeling of satisfaction of eating food that I have grown from a tiny seed to a plant full of all sorts of vitamins and minerals and the fact it’s organic is a bonus to.  I want to be a successful seed raiser gardener person.

I won’t say I haven’t had any successes because I have but they have been seeds planted in the ground which then have to be carefully protected from birds, dogs and the occasional football kicked by an energetic 12 year old boy.

Getting There

It just seems to be so much easier (even though I know it’s extra work) to grow seeds in pots where they can be quickly and easily checked on a daily basis, kept moist and then planted out when the weather conditions are just right….and for that matter when I’m in the mood to plant.

Hah!!!  I’m beginning to think that’s a pipe dream.  I have tried all sorts of growing medium – seeds raising mix, potting mix, a mix of whatever I can find, jiffy pots – you name it I think I have tried it.

So today in frustration I have put this together.

Hot House in Place

It’s the new portable hot house I bought a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t going to use it until next winter but I really, really want some fresh seedlings to plant out in the garden and I’m hoping this might give the seeds a kick start.

The weather is still changeable – from cold and needing thick socks and warm wooly jumpers  and waking to frost on the grass to shorts and t-shirts in the space of a few days.

The seeds that I had potted with so much hope a month ago are now residing in it. I dug around the cucumber pot and I think that they might be growing but nothing is above the ground yet.  Gosh I feel like a kid digging up carrots to see if they are big enough to eat….vbg.  I will plant more seed.  Maybe with practice I will get better at it.  In the mean time, as much as I don’t like it, I will continue to buy plants from the markets just so there are vegetables growing in my garden.


5 thoughts on “What’s The Secret

  1. I feel your pain! I don’t know if I over-water or under-water or just use cheap potting mix or old seeds or something else……but I have very variable results with seeds. I saw that mini-hothouse advertised by our local hardware and did consider buying it, so I will be very interested to see if it helps you! The funniest thing is when I get frustrated and give up on seeds that I have planted, only to find them sprouted several weeks or months later following rain or warm weather or something. It seems to me that they will sprout when conditions suit them and nothing I can do about it…….

  2. Do you use seed raising mix?? Do you have birds in the garden ?? Birds love foraging in freshly dug dirt and eating your seeds.

    The new hot house will work wonders for you , try parsley seed they never forget to sprout. One winner will send you on your way to being a competent gardener.

  3. I’ve had that frustration as well so you’re not alone. I used to grow my own seedlings but for the effort and frustration involved it wasn’t worth it so I just buy since I don’t need very many pots to fill the garden.

    I know that the seeds like a warmer mix and they like to be kept moist but not so moist that you’re getting white mold on the sprouts. I know that some keep the flats on top of the fridge for example to warm the soil, I just used to grow mine in a sunny spot.

    My problem was not getting the seeds to sprout but taking care of them and repotting the seedlings into bigger pots at the proper time to get a healthy plant.

  4. Mine is growing roses and orchids. Well roses in particular. The leaves will have black spots and turn the whole branch rotten. At the moment, almost all of my 18 pots of roses are barren of leaves and flowers. I am most fortunate that the plant I paid the most is well and has blossom thrice – at the moment, two different branches.

    Orchids are another that drives me up the wall. I have managed to fix the ‘sunlight’ issue and feeding good organic fertilizers. Been nearly two months and I still have not seen any flowers.

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