The Birthday Boy

Today is my boy’s 12th birthday.

James is 12

I know every mother says it but always it seems like just yesterday that he was a baby in my arms but now he is quite the young man.

Ashley and I really couldn’t ask, nor would we want to, for a better son. He is everything we hoped for and more. Loving and caring and generous, polite, and friendly. He is growing into a fine human being and we are so very proud of him.  Yes he has his moments – don’t we all – but all is forgiven when he gives me that smile and tells me he loves me.

Working on the Cake

Elise and Nicola worked really hard (and didn’t eat too many lollies) to decorate his birthday cake. It’s their way of showing him how much he means to them. Of course they wouldn’t put it into words – good heavens a little brother might think they like him….vbg.

Pac Man Cake

Elise came up with the idea of a Pac Man cake. I just made the cake (well two of them as one fell apart) and the girls decorated it and we all helped eat it…lol.

The 3 dozen little cakes James took to school for his class to share went down well too. : – )

As for birthday gifts – a DS game from Nicola, clothes from Elise, a beach towel from Nan and Ashley and I gave him two cook books – one on biscuits and one for him to write his own recipes into, a new apron (proudly modelled above), an egg shaped egg timer and some other baking essentials. Ohh did I mention James is a good cook too and specifically asked for an apron for his birthday.  He figured that the girls and I wear them while baking so he should to.  That’s my boy.

Happy Birthday James

You are the light of our lives, our only son and brother and we love you dearly.

Mum, Dad, Elise and Nicola.


3 thoughts on “The Birthday Boy

  1. Hi Catherine,
    I hear you loud and clear. My baby turned 12 on the 29th of July so I know how you feel.
    Looks like he had a great day.
    Mine asked his Grandmother for a glass container full of almonds.
    Gotta love em’ though.

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