Potatoes, Garlic, Wood work and Dress Ups

Yes today’s post is a mixture.

A word on yesterdays post too. Thank you to all who commented.  It would seem that some like where they shop and others don’t.  I guess it depends on the store and the employees in the end. Can I add too that I’m not one of those grumpy women who complain about the service in stores in general. I like to have a chat to the check out person – even if it is only about the weather. I think it makes the time more pleasant for both of us and lets face it serving on a check out for several hours can’t be the most exciting of jobs although I’m sure there are many who do enjoy it and the interaction the occurs with customers.

It just really got to me that this young man couldn’t have cared less.  I have encountered him before and shall we just say that he isn’t overly excited about working let alone engaging in any form of customer interaction. Now I’m happy to make allowances that maybe he had had a bad day.  Maybe he wasn’t feeling well and certainly if he had apologised and said that his shift was now ending I would have accepted that.  To be told that that “she told me to finish” with no explanation was simply not good enough.  I did make a point of thanking him though when we had finished with my groceries and wished him a pleasant day.  I certainly wasn’t rude…..just determined that I would be served in a timely manner along with others who were already lining up behind me.  I started investigating other places to shop on line last night and talked to Ashley about the wholesalers – he does a bit of work there so had a reasonable idea on what they stock. It certainly seems to be a possibility.

Of course the day wouldn’t be complete without a drama at school.  Elise came home in frustrated tears over her Design Tech teacher. He has told the class they will all fail if their wood work models aren’t totally finished by Friday. An impossible task for all but one student as most are really struggling. It didn’t help that he had cut Elise’s wood wrong so she has had to make all sorts of changes to hide mistakes and then found yesterday morning that someone had sat her model up side down on the floor so now the surface is all scratched.  The teacher also told her that she would have to go to the after school group (something she is prepared to do in order to try and finish her model) but that she would have to stay until 8.30/9 pm to get it finished. Sorry not on.  One I don’t like students being at school that late at night. Two there is a good chance she would end up being the only student there and I’m sorry – while no doubt this teacher is trustworthy – I think it can lead to all sorts of problems.  End result – she basically told him what he could do with his “stay after school” suggestion (and trust me it wasn’t the polite version and she was frustrated otherwise she would never have spoken to a teacher like that)  – and Ashley will go up with her on Wednesday night to lend a hand.  In the end if the model isn’t finished it isn’t. Her folio is the best in class (he told all the class that yesterday) so her marks will still be high enough to pass even without the wood model – which by the way is a full sized piece of furniture – not just a dolls house model.  As for everyone else not finishing their model – the class feeling at the moment is that they don’t care and all are as equally frustrated with the teacher as Elise is.

Elise working on her Design Tech piece.

Thank heavens that we only have six weeks or less of school for her to go and then this nightmare will be over.

On the plus side we checked out the Bendigo University that Elise wants to attend next year on Sunday and were pleasantly surprised by now nice it was.  Although I must admit it doesn’t seem to have any level surfaces as the entire uni is built on a hill. We were very fit by the time we had finished walking from one information session to another. We did go to a lecture/information session on the teaching degree that Elise wants to do and it was fascinating.  I really liked the fact that the uni recognised that kids attending uni for the first time would find it very daunting and have organised “pods” of 25 students from the same course to be in the same classes for a semester which gives them an opportunity to have student support and make friends before being cast out into the wide world of uni in general.  Now we just have to find accommodation as Elise doesn’t want to stay on campus and she has a friend who is interested in sharing a house or flat with her but of course we can’t do any of that until her VCE exams are over and we hear from the Uni (early January) if she has been accepted.  It’s all a waiting game.  Elise has also said she would like to live in Bendigo for the four years of her degree as her way of becoming independant.  I think it’s a good move but it will be so hard to see my girl move out of home.

Elise and Billie - dress up day.

There was a dress up day at school last Friday for the Year 12 students. They had to dress up as something that represented the letter of either their first or last name.  Elise went as a sugar cube.  She wasn’t totally fussed at the idea of dressing up and as she was in Design Tech all day and wood working – she had to have a costume that she could take off easily. Billie – her best friend and one of the nicest young women I know – went as a baby. She was gorgeous and played it to the hilt.    Some of the looks the girls got when I dropped them off at school were hilarious.

After the upset and stress of yesterday I need to do something grounded today – if you pardon the pun – so today I’m planting garlic.  Single clove garlic (which happened to be Mexican) and normal garlic (which is chinese).  James was fascinated to see how you could break up a garlic bulb to get all the individual cloves and picked out the plumpest for me to plant.  Sweet corn seeds were purchased yesterday too and the kids are super excited about the possiblity of lovely fresh ears of corn to eat. Got to admit I am too. It years since we have grown any corn so I’m looking forward to the task of planting the seeds.  There were also potatoes that had started to shoot in the potato bin so they will go in as well.

Potatoes, Garlic, Sweet Corn

Today is also baking day. There’s a birthday tomorrow and I have been requested to make 27 cup cakes for a school class, plus a birthday cake.   Hmm I had better get on with it.  More details tomorrow – I promise.

Have a lovely sunshiny day. It’s beautiful outside. Henry is crowing and the birds are singing. Just right for some gardening and pottering around.

Cheerfully Yours



One thought on “Potatoes, Garlic, Wood work and Dress Ups

  1. If the boy is usually a grump no wonder the other cashier had a smile on her face when you said he was staying open. He’s probably pulled that trick before and left her with all the work. I got to thinking after my post that no cashier with a line up of ten people is going to tell another cashier to shut down, she probably had nothing to do with it. Anyone who reads your blog and knows you Catherine knows you wouldn’t raise a fuss without a cause so once again good on you for taking a stand, too often we don’t.

    Give Elise my love, poor girl all the stress. It’s really hard for kids now-a-days so much is expected of them. School hasn’t gotten any easier for them and so much competition for so few spots. I agree with her staying at uni though because I noticed such a difference in my own. They really blossom and mature while they are away. Living on your own is as much a learning experience as taking school courses. Plus she can concentrate on her studies more if she’s not worrying about driving to and from school.

    Thinking about garlic, I’m not sure is you can harvest it the first year, it might be a two year crop but don’t quote me. Also thinking about the corn…do you have racoons in Australia? They are a major pest and love to eat corn. I tried to grow some but there is no point as the critters eat it before I can.

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