Eggs, Chooks, Worms and Baths

You know it’s a good weekend when surprises happen and work is achieved.

Saturday Elise, James and Ashley came home with 6 blue eggs from a friends hens in Sea Lake.

Blue Eggs

This friend said they come from his farm and he is certain they will be fertile so into the beer box incubator they went and we shall see in 21 days if they hatch. We have no idea what type of poultry they will be but they will be small – the eggs are way smaller than a regular hens egg. Ohh the mystery of it all.

Henry the Eigth

James chook sat Henry the Eighth, Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boylen all the way home from Sea Lake to and they are now safely caged in the small moveable chicken coop.

Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn

As soon as I get the bigger chook pen cleaned out they will go in there and the big chooks will go back down to the orchard. These are tiny birds – about a quarter of the size of our regular chooks and there is no way they would cope in the same pen as the other birds – hence the musical pens we are playing with our livestock at the moment.

Sunday saw James and Ashley helping me move the cast iron baths into position. They are really heavy and I defiantely needed some manly help. On Monday I will get the gravel and compost delivered so I can start filling up these wicking vegetable beds.

New Vegetable Beds

I’m not sure I have convinced the kids that these beds are the way to go but I’m happy. They are such lovely colours and when in full production should give us heaps of lovely fresh veg for the table. I’m going to paint the rusty coloured bases white or cream depending on what paint is in the shed. That will reflect the heat and help the beds stay a little cooler. Ohh and talking of veg I watered the seeds I had put in the other day and the cabbage seeds are up already. Yipee. It would seem that my little home made hot house is the way to go.

Worm Farm

As the boys were still a captive audience helping they also helped me move the other bath that had a rusted hole in its base into position in the shade house to make the new worm farm. It’s funny the old farm didn’t look like it would cope with all the scraps I want to put in it, but this one now looks as if I will never fill it!

The week promises (according to the weather forecast) to be fine and sunny so I must try to get out into the garden and at least achieve something.


4 thoughts on “Eggs, Chooks, Worms and Baths

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed reading up on gardening life in Australia!!! I’m captivated by the worm “bath”…. something I never would have thought of nor really wish to get into here for our garden (we’ll stick with the horse and chicken poo and compost).

    BEAUTIFUL rooster!!!! “Henry the Eighth”. ;0) Makes me smile when I read over the names of the chooks; whereas OUR birds receive names like “Evil” and “Cuddles”. LOL

  2. A productive day in our home as well although not as much as Greg would of liked in the garden, think he will be jealous when I show him all you got done!!! I even picked up ‘the’ knitting project!!!! It has it’s last chance of becoming a vest , if it doesn’t grow it will be pulled out and I will use it for something else??? Love the new chooks and what regal names! Those blue eggs are so pretty, keep us updated with what they produce. Looking forward to some more sun this week, the weekend was amazing!

  3. Look at the colours on that rooster!! Considering the colour of the eggs, you might get some Araucana chooks. Lucky you! We bought a day old chick because I wanted the blue eggs, but in 3 months we had to rehouse HIM. *sigh*

    It’ll be interesting to keep tabs on how our respective wicking beds go.

  4. I found this page while scrolling through photos from Sea Lake. As soon as I saw the photo of the rooster I knew exactly which ‘friend’ they came from. When I was growing up I would always point out pretty breeds that I liked at the Agricultural shows and ask my dad to buy them for me. By the time my younger brother was old enough to be making his own requests we had to build a yard out the farm to house them all as our backyard in town had become over run with poultry. The blue araucana eggs are my favourite for cooking as the yolk is much richer and tastier. They also add some pretty to the kitchen when displayed in a bowl on the table or bench.

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