A New Friend

You know I always think it’s rather wonderful when I get a text message from Elise saying that James has made a new friend.

It brings a warm and fuzzy glow to my heart to know that my boy makes friends and has someone to play with.

Then she sent me the photos……

A New Friend

Becoming Aquainted

Not quite what I was expecting but I should have known.  If there is an animal somewhere guaranteed I will find James making it’s aquaintance and spending quality time with it. Last week it was kittens – two gorgeous fluffy grey kittens that loved him so much they followed him everywhere.

This week it’s a chicken!!!!

Elise, James and Ashley are in Sea Lake with Ashley’s new race car. Yes he has bought another one…sigh. A two seater so we can all go racing with him……hmmmmm.  They are involved in something with the club over there taking visitors out and showing them the Sea Lake track or some such thing.  It was the perfect excuse to support the Sea Lake Off Road Club and to try out the new car.  The fact that the minute he got the new car he then went and bought new helmets (after both Elise, James and I had our heads measured)  should have warned me something was happening.  Nicola was smart and flatly refused to race with him.  I can’t remember ever saying I would race – just that it looked interesting. That may have been where I went wrong!





One thought on “A New Friend

  1. A great photo! My girl made friends with a lost puppy today that she is convinced should make its home with us!!!! I think not!!! You better start making a list of plausible excuses for not being able to race!!! There is spending time together and spending time together!!! Leave it to Elise and James and let you and NIcola be the sensible ones!!!

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