Into The Garden We Go

It’s not particularly cold outside but it does feel like rain and I desperately wanted to get the rain water tank in place in the vegie garden.  Ashley hasn’t had a chance up till now to help me, so today was the day.  We were spured on by the weather forecast that is predicting rain for the next four days and if the sky outside is anything to go by the Weather Bureau might be right for a change.

Moving the tank stand was easier than the actual tank as it was three quarters full of water.  It was more brute strength and holding your mouth the right way to get the tank stand  in behind the garden bed and level.

Water Tank in place

Once the tank was empty it was an easy shift and it’s nice to have it all in place and connected to the carport which will receive enough rain to fill it quite easily.

Tank Stand with old door as climbing frame for future planting

I reused the old door from the dining room to act as a screen for the tank and also to climb more plants upwards.  I think that if my Luffa’s grow they might go in in front of the tank and have room enough to climb along the frame to the right of it.  Hopefully they will like the conditions there.



Hot House with Tomatoe Still growing

Meanwhile in the home made hot house the seeds I planted yesterday in pots are sitting there quietly while the tomatoe that I pruned back last year after all the other tomatoes died is doing very well and actually has fruit on it.  The frosts we have had have only burnt it a little bit  (those yellow leaves you can see) and it doesn’t seem to mind that it’s growing out of season. Fingers crossed I might even have a head start on tomatoes this year.  Ohh and the tall green leaves you can see behind the tomatoe….they are weeds…please ignore them…..sigh.


St James's Palace - gone!!

Of course no gardening day would be without some major clearing happening.  Why is it we can’t garden without making heaps of mess? St James’s Palace is now packed up and the ground cleared ready for three cast iron baths to put in here and made into wicking beds.


A big mess

There are four advantages of using baths for vegetable beds.

1. I’m getting them for free from a friend who doesn’t want them.

2.  They will be at a good height so I don’t have to do so much bending while looking after the veg.

3. Wicking beds are easier to water and reduce the amount of water needed.

4.  The ground is full of runners of a particularly invasive grass that try as I might I can’t  totally eradicate so by using sealed beds the grass (hopefully) won’t get into them and cause the usual problems.

New St James's Palace aka The Chook Pen

Of course the chooks looked on with great interest as we went about our work. All the weeds and dirt that were dug out was dumped in their new pen for them to pick through and find all the bugs.  Each night we lock the dogs inside and let the chooks out for a run around the garden.  They are loving it and yes while they do dig in garden beds there isn’t anything in my garden that they can really harm and they are starting to make an impact on the insects that cause problems.

Next week I will find the photos of the wicking bed I made and give you more details on that.  They are my new favourite way to garden and easy to make.


One thought on “Into The Garden We Go

  1. Sounds marvellous I can’t wait to see how you manage everything and I’m all for using the tubs as veggie beds. We have three raised beds and the weeds still grow up through them but it does make it easier for planting and cultivating not to have to stoop over as much. My only beef is that they aren’t taller then they are. Maybe when John retires next year I can get him to help out some more and provide more muscle.

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