This Is On My Mind…..

Planting seeds.

Planting Seeds for Spring

We had good falls of rain earlier in the week. I’m not sure how much but the lawn is decidedly soggy and the weeds are looking amazing…sigh.

Today it is bright and sunny and very warm.

Just the right weather for planting seeds.

I have decided to get a bit more organised and start seeds off in pots while I’m waiting for the newly manured vegetable bed to mature a little more. Hopefully this will give me the head start I need on spring sowing and I will be able to keep up a continuous supply of fresh veg for the table.

All the seeds are now well watered and residing in the home made hot house (think wire frame with some plastic stretched over it) to give them that bit more warmth to start growing.

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5 thoughts on “This Is On My Mind…..

  1. You are all ready for spring! I love the sight of new shoots popping out of the ground, I feel like I had a hand in Gods work. I am going to work on making a flower bed in my front yard. Here in the US it’s time to get the bulbs in for next spring.
    Hubby’s job is opening a plant in Australia, I said lets go. The only thing I’m worried about is… You guys have really big spiders. I’m not sure if that’s the norm or just what they show on TV. And do you really have problems with kangaroos running out on the roads like we do with deer?

  2. Good for you! It’s not even fall here yet, but I can’t help thinking about next season. I’ve already set up a speadsheet with seed starting times and a preliminary garden layout…and ordered seeds!

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