This Is On My Mind……..



I love them and I hate them.

They are the bright splash of colour in the midst of winter.  A promise of the spring to come.

Unfortunately they also give me the worst hay fever and as they are close to the clothes line when the wind blows in the wrong direction it makes life interesting to say the least.

Never the less I will not dig them up and remove them. I can see them from the dining table and they are my daily reminder of warmer days to come.

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7 thoughts on “This Is On My Mind……..

  1. Thanks for the cheerful jonquils!, they reassure me that spring is coming! It has been FREEZING here and every plant in my garden is all dead or dying from the frosts and the lawn is dull brown. I can’t wait for the green of spring and summer! I’m scared to plant anything until we stop getting frosts though, I’m just happy that we had the woodstove to keep us warm.

  2. Most of mine are mixed with snowdrops and are on the edge of the rose bed which is under the kitchen window… do not see them from inside…a bit of a shame. But they cheer me none the lest.

  3. Good on you. I need to get onto seeds soon…. I’m with you Jonquils, I hate it when they are in the florists at our local shops, they set me off and I can’t wait to get out. Good way not to spend money. A lot of the lillies are the same…

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