Pottering, Spinning and Gardening

I’ve been slightly off blogging of late.  Life has been a bit stressful  and I was really sick over the holidays with the horrible flue bug that is doing the rounds which has meant that little things that don’t normally worry me are seriously giving me the pips and I don’t seem to have bounced back as quickly as I would have liked after being sick.  As a result I have hunkered down in the warmth of my house and just pottered until I was in a better frame of mind.  I  just needed to ground myself again in the everyday things that are my life and de-stress while doing them.  I have lived in the moment. In stead of stressing over hanging out washing – I have revelled in the sunshine and enjoyed the sounds of the birds.  Instead of grumping about making beds – I have enjoyed the fact that each night it is as if I have climbed in between freshly laid sheets.  Instead of getting sick and tired of making tea – I have been thankful that I have the skills and knowledge to put a nourishing meal on the table for my family to enjoy.  Instead of getting really sick and tired of kids fighting over the littlest of things – I have been greatful that my kids are well and are independent enough to stand up for what they believe in.  In short  – my life is full of good things and I just needed to remind myself of them.

The good news is that all this time at home means I am actually achieving.  There has been wool dyed and spun and plied to make one skein of wool for James’s beanie.  I have spun another two bobbins worth and will get them plied today then I’m going to over dye them in the same blue but make it darker. Well that’s the theory anyway.

Corridale wool dyed with Landscape Dye - "Sun Orchid"

I have also spun up a single bobbin of the dark Corriedale I bought at the Bendigo Wool Show. It’s a dream to spin and is super soft. The plan is to dye this with the Landscape Dye “Bloodwood” which is quite a dark red – another colour that James requested. He isn’t putting any pressure on me – much!!! I just get asked every day how the spinning is going and did I do any more for his beanie?……vbg.  I washed up more fleece last night and am carding it today – yes another job – so I can continue spinning tonight. I’m hoping as the wool is already dark it will make the dye come out even darker.

Corridale Wool Spun and Carded

At last I can see spring on the horizon and I’m itching to get into the vegie garden.  Another of today’s jobs is to scrape up some of the chook manure in the chook pen and dig it into my vegie garden.  It will have time to rot down before I am ready to plant and should hopefully improve the soil which I feel is lacking in nutrients.

Seed Organisation

I did manage to get my seeds sorted out the other day and have them arranged in two small filing cabinets.  They sit up on the shelf in the laundry and now I can see easily just what seeds I have, what I need to save  and what needs using up. Much better than the box I used to throw all the packets into – there were so many that were out of date, had lost their labels or were just plain revolting it wasn’t funny. Now the seeds are organised I feel the need to plant.

Of course it wouldn’t be a week of pottering if I didn’t try something new. I found this recipe for Citrus Cleaner while cruising blogs today and decided to try it.  There were lemons lying under the tree that had fallen off from lack of water – I planted the tree in a really bad spot and should have thought about it more – so I harvested them and made up the cleaner.

Citrus Cleaner

Here is what I did if you are interested.

Slice of the rind of as many lemons as you want.  Put them in a jar and top up with vinegar. The big jar (even with the lemon rind in it) held nearly 2 litres of vinegar.  Give it a stir – just cause it’s nice to watch the lemon rind swirl around – pop on the lid and leave for two or three weeks.  Apparently when the vinegar colours with the colour of the rind its ready to use.  I must remember to get James to save the mandarin skins and try them.

I have quite a bit of knitting on the go as well as some crochet. Nothing blog worthy – well not at this stage anyway – but hopefully soon.

Right off to make a cuppa then sit down with a good movie and my spinning wheel. Plyed wool here I come.


3 thoughts on “Pottering, Spinning and Gardening

  1. If you’ve been slack in blogging then I’ve been practically non-existent 🙂

    Love, love the yarn especially the blue. I’d leave it alone but since it’s for James I can see why as a boy he’d want it darker but the lustre in the yarn – I can see it in the photo, very nice and looks oh so soft.

    Love your carder, lol, I’d love to have one just so I could card the wool if nothing else. I’ve seen a few youtube videos where people have blended the different colours together, very interesting.

    It always takes me aback when people post recipes about citrus and then mention going outside to the yard to pick a few. For me citrus is something that is imported from Florida or California so a foreign object 🙂 Lol, if I did a recipe for making my own cleaner out of citrus I’d pay more for the fruit than just buying a bottle off the shelf although I guess you could save the rinds in the fridge or something, don’t know if that would be the same as fresh though.

    I love your little drawers for the seeds. I have a set that I picked up at the op-shop for $3 and would work fine for my seeds. Every year it’s the same thing wondering where I put the seeds left over from last year. I don’t know why I never thought of using something like this either. It really does pay to visit other people’s blogs just to pick up all the clever ideas that are floating out there.

    I’ve written a book, take care and have a great day Catherine.

  2. Don’t think you are the only one struggling with the ‘every’ day at the moment! I have written many blogposts in my head this last week but thats as far as they get. Hopefully Sunday I will catch up a little. Love all your wool, that blue is absolutely beautiful, can’t wait to see how the red turns out. So nice that James is interested. Citrus cleaner?? Think Greg and I are going to make mandarin marmalade and lemon butter this weekend……

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