This Is On My Mind……

……350 metres of Corridale fleece spun into what’s getting pretty close to a lace weight yarn.

Corridale Fleece spun into lace weight yarn.

The fleece was a gift from a friend, and fellow spinner,  cleaning out her craft room.  She decided that she would never get around to spinning it.  I nearly drooled over the box of fleece when I saw it.  Yummy doesn’t even begin to describe this fleece even in it’s raw state.  It’s a pity the photo doesn’t show the lustre that this fleece has.

I still can’t quite believe that I managed to spin yarn that fine.  Now to spin some more. I have in mind a lacey shawl.  I think I have the stitch pattern worked out but I have to sample the wool and the pattern before making my mind up.

To see what is on others mind check out Rhonda’s blog.


6 thoughts on “This Is On My Mind……

  1. Looking forward to seeing the final article. Must be great to start with the raw product and then finish up with a wearable item.
    Thanks for visiting my site
    Bye for now

  2. Hi Calidore, thanks for visiting my blog from Rhonda’s, and I’ve followed you back! I’m so impressed that you’ve spun this. As yet, that’s not something I’m even game to try, maybe one day in the future when I’ve mastered some other basics like knitting first!
    I’ve loved having a look around your blog today, it’s the first time I’ve been here and some of the links you have included are fabulous. Looking forward to seeing more.
    Thanks for sharing

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