…………Friday I went to Bendigo with Elise and Nicola.  I dropped them off at the cinema to watch the last Harry Potter movie, which they thoroughly enjoyed, and went to the Australian Sheep and Wool Show that was in Bendigo that weekend. I had a ball. Beautiful weather. Time to wander around and enjoy the magnificent spinning, weaving, felting and crocheting that was on display.  I was restrained in my spending coming home with only three sheep fleeces – a Corriedale, Perendale and an English Leicester – all of which I was encouraged to plunge my hands into and feel the sheepy goodness that they are.  Truly it’s the best way to buy fleece.  Straight from the grower – well the farmer anyway – and without the middle man and I was able to make sure it is exactly the kind of fleece I wanted in the colours I wanted – lovely browns from coloured sheep.  I also bought six different Landscape dyes, some silk hankies (I want to try knitting mittens from them) and a silk cap – also to use in knitting not for wearing.  The atmosphere at the show was brilliant. Super friendly. I never felt hurried or pressured into buying something and there were ideas galore.  Ohh and I tried out a double treadle spinning wheel that was divine. My wheel – that I love – is only a single treadle and I did wonder just how much different a double treadle would be to use.  It was super easy and if I didn’t already have three spinning wheels I might be seriously tempted. Picked up the girls later in the afternoon when they had finished their shopping and was home by 6 pm.

………Saturday a group of fifteen of us went Ten Pin Bowling in Kerang – about a 45 minute drive from home. We met about 5 pm at the bowling lanes and enjoyed several games and had heaps of laughs. It’s been 20 years since Ashley and I have bowled and I’m afraid my skill levels were definitely rusty…vbg.  Off to one of the local pubs for tea. We were told when we ordered and paid for our meal there would be a bit of a wait. No problems.  A hour later one of our party went and asked just how long the wait would be and we were then told it would be at least another hour!  Sorry not on.  We had kids, teenagers and one diabetic amongst us and waiting that long wasn’t an option. So we got our money back and walked around the corner to the fish and chip shop and enjoyed the best fish and chips eaten in the car that were piping hot and really scrummy.  By time time it’s nearly 9 pm.  Ten minutes later – with some of the group having already headed back to Swan Hill – there were ten of us out playing soccer in the main street of Kerang with the street lights for illumination.  Not a police man in sight – not that we were doing anything wrong – and it was the best way to end up an evening.

……….Sunday I cleaned the house – sort of – then cleaned my sewing room. I sorted out a Corridale fleece that Joy had given me at the last spinners and weavers meeting and with James’s help dyed  about 200 grams blue using my new Landscape dyes.  James has decided he wants a beanie and fingerless mittens in this blue – which is lovely by the way – and I am allowed to add in extra colours to the beanie and he will wait until Christmas to receive it….lol.  Good……….cause that’s now his Christmas present. While he will know the colours and the style of hat – he wants one with ear flaps – he won’t know what patterns I will use so at least that part will be a surprise.

……….Monday I worked with Ashley all day fitting off a house. It was a long day made bitterly cold by the brisk wind and misty showers that kept falling.  By 4.30 pm we were using a torch ( the house isn’t connected to electricity yet) to see what we were doing.Got to admit it was nice to come home to a warm house and, unfortunately, the smell of burning potatoes.  James was cooking and didn’t realise that they had boiled dry. Thank goodness for canned spagetti and hash browns – they went nicely with the sausages he had cooked beautifully.

……….Tuesday (today) the sun came out with a gentle breeze. I had a day off – with luck I will have the rest of the week off from working.  I hung washing on the line and it all dried. I made a lemon meringue pie for tea and got the rest of the Corriedale I was spinning up into a lace weight yarn spun while watching a movie. Now I just have to ply it and then I can start on James’s wool. I have read blogs and emails and am feeling just a little bit like I might be organised for the rest of the week. My thoughts are turning towards the vegetable garden and I need to sit down and make a serious list of what I want to grow this year. I’m ignoring the weeds in the garden – the siren call of wool is far louder than they are and besides they will still be there when I’m ready to garden again.


3 thoughts on “On…………………

  1. Sounds like you had a great week Catherine lots of fun but work in there as well. I have to admit that my past week was up at a friend’s cottage and it was hot, hot, hot. Makes a difference being on the lake though as it cooled down overnight so there was some relief. The whole family ended up at the cottage at some point and three babies made it interesting. Amazing the tolerance our bachelor friend had for the young ones. He got a kick out of their antics.

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend, lots of fun and I bet lots of laughs especially playing soccer in the main street!!! Shame you had to work Monday!!! but tuesday made up for it, lemon meringue pie – yum!!!!!!!!

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