A Wet Sunday

It’s cool and very, very wet today…..yipee.  The much needed rain is falling and I hope it will continue for some time. A friend commented on Friday that our weather of late – frosty nights, lovely sunny and fairly warm days – are very similar to when we were still drought affected.  When I thought about it she was right.  While those lovely days are nice the gardens and crops are desperately crying out for a decent drink and all that rain we had at the beginning of the year and the floods are now a somewhat distant memory.

Yesterday James, Ashley and I had a massive clean up around the shed gathering up all the scrap iron we could find.  It is amazing just how much there was and just how much my husband saves in the hope he would use it.  Well no more – it’s now all loaded onto the truck – and trust me it’s a massive load – ready to take to the metal recyclers tomorrow to exchange for some cold hard cash. Looking out the window today I’m so glad we got stuck in yesterday as there is no way it could be done today.  Throw in the fact that now I can start implementing some plans for a new drive way to Mum’s and some tree pruning and I’m one happy little worker.

Having done the shopping I’m spending the rest of the day puddling around. James has come down with the flu bug Nicola had a couple of weeks ago so he is curled up near the fire watching ‘Back to the Future” with Ashley.  I can hear both of them laughing as I type this. They both have the same sense on humor which can be down right scary at times…..vbg.  Elise is having an entire day off from doing homework or studying (she is reading novels instead) and Nicola is reading – as always – cup of tea firmly in hand.

While pinning up the hem of the skirt I’m sewing I have been cruising You Tube.  It is truly amazing just what you can find when you start looking and I will admit a particular interest in anything regarding self sufficiency and making do.

This Video particularly caught my eye.  What a family can grow on just one small block of land in the city.

This year, more than any other, I am determined to get the vegie garden up and running at it’s peak. I want salad greens, tomatoes, cabbages, onions, peas and beans…..in short I want the lot.  Will it happen?  I sincerely hope so but if it doesn’t then it won’t be through lack of trying.

Having just finished reading “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” by Barbara Kingsolver – you can find the website and details of the book here – I am even more inspired to be self sufficient in the vegie department and the quick shopping trip today has convinced me even further that this is the way to go.  Yes there were “fresh” vegies in the supermarkets but the majority weren’t local, they were a little tired looking from all that travelling and the amount of packing was scary.

Another recent read “No Impact Man”  by Colin Bevan, – Blog is here –  has reverberated far more than any other book I have read to date – and trust me I’m reading plenty.  While yes it discussed waste and all those other environmental issues that so many are concerned about, to me it was the fact that the little things – washing sheets after a child has vomited on them, the waste caused by a simple cup of take away coffee or a take away meal, taking bags to put fruit in at a whole foods store only to have the girl behind the counter roll her eyes because who on earth brings their own recycled bags for fruit when there are plastic bags supplied? – that really made an impact.  How Colin and his family coped with such issue such as travel to see distant living family or just to go shopping made me stop and think. How many times do I just hop in the car to pop down the street? Yes ok so I live a distance from the main street – but honestly would a nice long walk hurt me?   Why do I buy foods with so much packaging?  Well one answer is that I’m not organised enough and my vegie garden isn’t producing enough to avoid those supermarket vegies but I’m getting there.  I have been thinking that I need to make some recycled vegetable bags out of tulle but then I thought no I will just grow my own vegies then I know there is no waste.  See simple…vbg.

As it happens I take my own hand made shopping bags when I do the groceries.  I have the green bags the supermarket sell but as they are slowly deteriorating I’m gradually making more and more bags and I love them.  One they are better looking…vbg.  Two – the are made from what is in my material stash.  Three – I find I can fit more in them than a supermarket bag and they are more comfortable to carry. Four – they are super easy to wash and they dry faster than the supermarket bags.  Five – I love them.  However today when I handed over one of my bags so the groceries could be packed the girl commented on how hard it was to pack groceries in these kind of bags. Now ok so she didn’t know I had made the bag and she wasn’t trying to be rude and I didn’t take offence but I did wonder why my bag was harder than the others to pack?  Was it because it wasn’t made of some plastic type material? Was it because I hadn’t bought it from the store or was it because she just didn’t know how to do it.  I don’t know and to be honest I don’t care. I’m my bag and I’ll use it whenever and as often as I want.

So after that long and rambling post – of which I have reread several times and still can’t come up with a way to tidy it up – I’ll leave you with this thought……

One person can’t change the world – but can we afford not to try?


5 thoughts on “A Wet Sunday

  1. Glad you had a busy day Saturday and achieved something!!! We have decided we are not keeping anything anymore ‘just in case’ if it can’t be stored properly and without multiplying, not scrap iron but lots of other goodies!! Hoping this year is the year we finally get our vegie garden back up and running….you will be asked lots of questions!!

  2. Loved the post Catherine what a find on youtube very inspiring. Mind you that man has had years working full time at it so I wouldn’t be so hard on ourselves for not producing the same kind of output but it does show that it can be done.

  3. The scrap metal was funny, we do the same thing, we have a massive collection, just in case. We did try to cut down when my husband found a brown snake living under some sheet metal, not something you want to find in your scrap pile! We had to take loads and loads of it to the tip when we moved last year (they have a separate metal pile, so it gets sold as scrap, we were too lazy to try to get money for it ourselves).

    Anyway, about the bags, I just use the green bags, but I like the idea of replacing them with home-made ones when they wear out. I notice that the checkout people have trouble with the ones that don’t have the little tab that hooks onto the bag holder to keep it open while they pack the bags. I haven’t bothered to fix them, but just thinking that they may find home-made bags easier if you included that little tab so they can hook them up to stay open. I like your attitude though! Keep using them, no matter what anyone says 🙂

  4. I am sure you will do better than I manage. I grow the vegies etc but do not get out to pick and use them……however I went out with the handyman this week and the task as I was about to vanish for a couple of hours was…..tidy up the vegie garden. And I could see greens that were edible……self sewn Asian I suspect. Must look when next clothed …..yes I am a disgrace, 2 days in bed to recover from two active ones.
    But the quilt I hate is up to the border stage as of now…and if I finish that i may have energy to sew and work again.

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