Shopping Bags

I was rumaging through the drawers trying to find fabric to make Mum a shopping bag that she could take on her holidays which are beginning shortly.  I had a few bits and pieces such as books etc to put in the bag to fill in those quiet moments when they just want to sit and enjoy where they are at the time.  Fabric found…….and bag subsequently made and packed with goodies…… then I  found this gorgeous red check fabric.


It’s beautiful and bright and makes my heart sing with the absolute cheerfulness of it.

My assistant who nearly had his tail sewn.

My assistant decided he just had to hop up and check out what was going on.  My sewing received a disdainful sniff but  the action from the birds outside the window needed further watching……which is all very well but then his tail came very close on a number of occasions to being sewn in with the bag.

Two Shopping Bags

There was just enough to make two smaller bags for myself both 13 inches high and 11 inches wide.  They are just the right size to fit any treasures I might find at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show which is in Bendigo the last weekend of the school holidays.  Both girls want to go to Bendigo to see the latest Harry Potter film so I told them I would take them down and drop them off on the condition I am allowed to spend as long as I like at the wool show, without interruptions from them or demands for money, and I would pick them up afterwards.

They have agreed so it’s going to be a very long and very fun filled day for all three of us.

Meanwhile I’m trying to work out just how much scrummy wool, fibres, dyes and threads I can fit into these bags without Ashley noticing and saying I have gone overboard on my spending when I get home.


4 thoughts on “Shopping Bags

  1. Oh I like that red check too!! Sounds like it will be a very fun day for you and the girls, everyone happy but lots of company and conversation on the way down and back! Trust me you can fit a lot in those bags……… if you need a lesson just yell!

  2. The bags are great and the wool show sounds even better 🙂

    I visited the Listowel spinrite factory on the weekend and picked up some treasures for a song now I just have to hope my shoulder heals enough that I can knit it all up.

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