Finally – A Finish

Ashley decided that he wanted to race again last weekend at Mildura.  To be more precise the track is outside of Mildura about a 2 1/2 hour drive from home.

An early start was the order of the day – up at 6 am and left town by 7 am but it was ok as it was promising to be a beautiful day weather wise.

Racing at Mildura

The track at Koorlong is only small but very friendly and they have a brilliant hill/mound where you can sit to see the start line and most of the track. Throw in catering – Elise had the “best ever” chicken snitzel burger and we shared jam donuts – yes I know super healthy – and the two of us were set to cheer on Ashley. Luckily the wind was blowing away from us so we had an excellent view.


He did very well in the prologue. a quick race to sort out the order of who is racing and in which group – the fast or slow – there were less than 20 entries so it was possible to do it that way…then on to the main race.  Two rounds of five laps each.  The track is approx 15 kms long so it’s about 75 kms each round.















At last Ashley finished an entire race with no break downs. No running out of fuel. No trees jumping out to grab him….lol. No drama’s at all.


To top off the entire day Ashley won a trophy for Second in his class.


Now as always it just isn’t possible for us not to have some mechanical issue when we go racing.

This time it was my car.

We had a full tank of fuel when we left Swan Hill and had half a tank left by the time we got to Koorlong.  We made the decision we could get back to Ouyen (about the half way point) and we would refuel then.  No problems – started following the other car which we had travelled with and got about half way between Hattah and Ouyen – think the middle of no where – and ran out of fuel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Literally the car just coughed and spluttered and we pulled over just in time.


Another friend was following us home – he didn’t do so well in the race as something vital broke – and he pulled over to help.  Rang the first car and said keep going – we were under control. Meanwhile Ashley is draining fuel from the race car and ended up with approx 20 litres which we put into my car.

Confused yet?

Drove back to Ouyen where we refueled and indulged in some ice creams.  We needed a treat by then….lol.  By this time it’s getting on for after 8 pm and it’s dark and the three of us were tired.

Got home safely and ordered Pizza for tea – got to love my phone and it’s internet connection even in the middle of now where.

The next day Ashley started doing calculations and determined that yes we were really out of fuel (NO – REALLY) and with what he tipped into the tank and filled up with at the service station we needed a full tank of fuel.

Something isn’t right. My car has a buzzer that sounds when the fuel level is down to less than 10 litres of fuel.  That didn’t work. It also showed on the fuel gauge that we had half a tank of fuel – obviously that isn’t working either.  Not happy as it has just come back from having a new fuel sender fitted -the second one as the first was either faulty or the garage didn’t replace the original but still charged us for it.

Double Grrrrrrrr!!!!

So Ashley drained the tank again.  He has measured precisely 20 litres of fuel which the gauge shows to be a quarter of a tank and I now have instructions to drive it around until I run out of fuel or the buzzer sounds or the gauge moves – which ever comes first.

When he unbolted the tank – which I might add is in the most awkward spot – a wire was loose.  We aren’t sure if it pulled out when he dropped the tank down to drain it or if in fact it hasn’t been put back in when the mechanics worked on it.  Either way the wire is now connected (Ashley thinks it controls something to do with the fuel gauge) and it’s a matter of time as to what happens.  If you see fireworks you know Ashley is back at the garage as the experiment didn’t work.

Thankfully this week is a lot calmer and I have spent heaps of time gardening, cooking, knitting and sewing which is a pleasant change from all the excitement.



One thought on “Finally – A Finish

  1. Yeah! Congrats on finally finishing a race and placing too 🙂

    I’d be all kinds of frustrated with the fuel tank as well especially seeing as how you just took it in to be fixed. Grrrr!

    Nice to be able to sit and see the whole race instead of only bits of it as the cars fly by. Sounds like you had a great outing aside from the fuel tank on your car.

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