This Is On My Mind….

It seems like forever since I have posted a This Is On My Mind Post but here it is.

Having finished other projects – fantastic feeling of satisfaction there – I needed to continue knitting.

Actually I craved knitting.

I didn’t want to start something new though.

This Cinnamon Grace Shawl/scarf was the ideal answer.

Cinnamon Grace Shawl/Scarf

I have been knitting it on and off for the last month.  It’s not hard – super easy in fact – but motivation has been lacking.

Could have been the distraction from other projects.  It could have been the little needles and the fact I’m knitting it in sock weight yarn.  It could have been a mental blank.

But No More!!!

Last night all the shaping for the first part was completed and I have begun the 17 inches of middle section.  The white wool is so I know where to measure from.

I’m LOVING this shawl and it’s super quick with a whole 36 stitches to knit for each row.  The  ruffle pattern will have heaps more stitches but I can cope with that.

You can find the pattern for “Cinnamon Grace” here at Knitworks by Katie Harris.

To see what is on Rhonda’s mind and others pop on over to  Down-to-earth.


7 thoughts on “This Is On My Mind….

  1. Oops, I left my comment on Ajax! LOL

    It’s coming along beautifully. Lovely colour too, your knitting is really good! I hope you show us when it’s finished. (No pressure, really.)

  2. Never seen knitting needles like that, I’m not a knitter but I knit. Winter and knitting or in my case mostly crochet are better than comfort food for me.
    By the way Ajax looks very much like one of my dogs and they both have this crazy idea that they are the boss. How does that happen?

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