Op Shop Wins

I haven’t been in the op shops for absolutely ages.

I have been really trying to use up all that I have rather than add to the piles of  “treasures” that are already filling my house.

Feeling very virtuous I made, what I thought would be a quick foray, in one of the local op shops searching for books for Mum to take away on her holidays for a bit of light reading.  Hmmmm the intentions were good but when I saw the signs that all clothing was just $1.00 I couldn’t resist.  Ohh and I didn’t get any books either…sigh.

Blasted will power……………. it always lets me down.

I came home with three jumpers, two vests, a jacket and a lovely pink bowl for Elise – a “well done on working so hard for your exams” kind of present.  The whole lot cost me $8.00.

Op Shop Buys

The cream jumper is pure wool.  The one next to it I think is acrylic but it is hand knitted and the yarn is very soft.  The vest in the front of the photo I strongly feel is hand spun wool and it’s hand knitted.  Super soft and cuddly.  I bought it thinking it might do for Ashley but having tried it on today I think I may end up keeping it.    ; – )     The other vest is made from windcheater material and it’s already my favorite – just right for gardening.  The jacket was a denium one and I think will be just the thing to pull on over a t-shirt and jeans for that in between weather.

One jumper I have pulled apart already so I can crochet myelf a cardigan.

Dyed Wool

It was a beautifully knitted jumper with cables running up the front, back and sleeves but not my thing at all. So I pulled it undone, wound the yarn into skeins, threw them in the dye pots (there was close to 700 grams of wool in that jumper) and dyed them black with Procion dye and a good slurp of vinegar. It worked a treat and really didn’t take very long to “cook” the wool at all.

I have started winding the wool into balls. The small ball you can see in front was the original light grey colour and the wool at the back is more black than the blue it appears.  I found this cardigan   at Drops Design and love it.  Now I have the wool I can begin.  By the way no afils and all that but if you are looking for something a bit different to either knit or crochet for yourself or others do check out Drops Design at Garn Studio.  They have the most amazing patterns and all are free.  There’s an excellent range of trendy to basic so you are sure to find something you will enjoy making.

Ohh information on the wool/yarn.  I’m not sure whether it is acrylic or pure wool. It’s very soft and almost has the look of the crepe wools I have seen. I tried the burn test when Mum was here and it melted so we thought it was possibly acrylic.  Then I tried the burn test on a piece of wool that I know is pure wool and it melted in a very similar fashion.  So now neither of us are sure.  Regardless of what type of yarn it is the new cardigan will cost me about $2 total to make, allowing for the original cost of the cardigan and the dye I used.  Much better than the $40 to $50 cardigans and jumpers I have seen in the shops of late, none of which I might add have appealed at all.

Today I popped back into the op shop again. To buy books this time. The clothing sale had finished so there was no temptation there…vbg.

I found several books for Mum. I’m putting them in a hand made shopping bag with some playing cards and a packet of mints for her and Maurie so they have something to fill in their time if the weather is a bit inclement while they are travelling. They are becoming “Grey Nomads” and are both predicting that somewhere warm will be where they are heading which isn’t a bad idea considering how cold it has been.

Way back in January I read One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka and loved it. The book was from the library and I never thought I would end up owning my own copy.

One Straw Revolution

Today I have my own copy. There it was sitting on the shelf at the op shop and it’s now mine for the princely sum of 50 cents.  It was meant to be.

When I opened the book – which I might add in in excellent condition – there was a message written inside the front cover….

Dear John,

I believe you will understand that which is the Philosophy of this rather remarkable man.

With thanks and love


Broome 25-5-89″

I’m not sure who John and Michelle are but I want to say thank you. One for enjoying the book and two for sending this book on is journey that ended up in my home.

2 thoughts on “Op Shop Wins

  1. It’s always nice to get a deal isn’t it? One man’s junk another man’s treasure.

    Love the cardigan it should look lovely when you get it all done.

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