It’s Been A Busy Week

The week has flown by.  Having the Queen’s birthday holiday on Monday and the kids home from School on Friday due to a Report Writing day has really thrown any schedule we might like to keep well and truly out the window.

Last weekend Ashley completed in the Sea Lake Mallee Rally.  The first event he has been able to race in since redoing/renovating/remaking his race car.  Elise and I went over on Sunday to cheer him on.

Sea Lake Mallee Rally


Ashley is the one on the right (closes to the stop sign) with the 988 number on the car.

The weather wasn’t bad – sun shining, cool wind.  We enjoyed the donuts we ate and the steak sandwiches for lunch.  I even managed to get some knitting done while wearing my super warm fingerless mittens.



Blurry photo thanks to Elise.  Obviously she needs practice photographing knitting!!!

Unfortunately Ashley didn’t finish the race – he managed a lap and a half of one round – the race is held over two rounds with two laps in each round.  He had a flat tire that he thought he could limp home on but it blew out, speared him off into a plowed paddock beside the track and in the process the blown tire ripped the CV boot (technical name for something that protects an area around the wheel – can you tell I’m not really into cars….lol) so that was the end of that.  He had a spare tire back at the race pits but no spare CV boot and if dirt got into where it protects apparently it can cause all sorts of problems.  Added to the woes the car kept stopping like someone had just turned the key off.  Turns out (when we invested further when we got home) it was a faulty ignigition switch which cost a whole $4 to replace.  It’s always the little things that can undo the biggest of plans.  Ashley was disappointed not to finish the race but he was pleased that the car preformed so well on it’s first offical run and nothing major broke.

Monday saw us relaxing and taking life easy. Well except for Elise who was studying for exams.

Tuesday saw me working with Ashley. Elise studying then sitting her accounting exam in the afternoon and the other two at school as normal.

Wednesday was Ashley’s birthday.  He was, as always, thoroughly spoilt with lots of chocolates and take away for tea.  He treated himself and finished work early figuring it was his birthday so why couldn’t he.

Ashley's Birthday

Thursday I gardened in the morning.  Pruned a box hedge heavily, fed the prunings through the mulcher and spread them around the cat cage.  The afternooon saw me working while Elise spent from 10 am to 1 pm sitting the GAT Exam that is required for all Year 11 and 12 students. It helps with their marks or some such thing.  Either way Elise and her friend thought it was pretty much a waste of time but they still tried hard all the same.

The not so exciting news is that Nicola received her Year Nine Maths exam back with a score of 26 out of 70!!!  What was really scary was that she had the highest mark – there were plenty of students apparently (they all compared scores) that received a mark of zero, zip, zilch!!!!!!!!!  Believe me I will be ringing the teacher in question on Monday and demanding some answers as to what is going wrong.  I understand that maybe it was a hard test but those scores are down right scary. I’m not sure what is going on. Nicola assures me she is working hard but the teacher goes so fast – despite her asking him to slow down and she is asking for help.  Apparently there are a number of students in the class that don’t want to work at all and the teacher seems to be occupied by those students rather than helping those that do. If I don’t get the answers I want and Nicola doesn’t get the help she needs she may need to change teachers.  Year 9 is not the year to do badly with Maths as it’s only going to make more problems further along.

Friday was cool and crisp and Ashley and I worked – again.  Becomes a common theme doesn’t it?  We were about 10 minutes out of Swan Hill on a 20 acre property and it was bliss. No traffic sounds – just birds and horses and the contented baas of the sheep next door.  If you are going to work it may as well be somewhere as lovely as that.  Makes us long even more to get out of town on a few acres – away from the noise and close neighbours.  All three children were home so James baked Yo-yo biscuits – yumm and the girls relaxed and did a bit of housework. James and Nicola also bought up all the wood out of the trailer to stacked it at the house so we can go out and get more wood.  Clever little wombats used their brains and loaded up the Kanga and moved it all in two loads rather than the dozen it would have taken in the wheel barrow.  Got to love it when kids use their initiative.

Today I have shopped, washed and dyed wool.  Elise has a bad cold and is taking it easy.  James and Nicola are doing as little as possible and Ashley is working on his race car – apparently fine tuning it.

Tomorrow the plan is to get some more wood then take it easy. Hopefully it will be warmer than today. It’s cold and cloudy and there is the occasional spot of rain to tease us. We need the rain and it would be nice to see it finally come down instead of just pretending to.

Roll on next week.  It looks to be busy as well.






3 thoughts on “It’s Been A Busy Week

  1. All sounds good nice little bit of blogging.

    One of the kids one year had one of those teachers and I believe his mark was 55 (for the term) and his was the second highest mark in the class. Granted he may have gotten put in a class where all the students had trouble with math but you have to ask yourself that if 55 is the second highest mark then what is the teacher doing wrong? I do believe quite a few parents called in to find out what was going on.

    Congratulate Ashley and wish him a belated happy birthday for me. Looks like he got a shop vac for a present 🙂

    The rally sounds interesting too bad the car had problems but glad that those problems were fixable. Sounds like an interesting day out.

    Luck to Elise on her exams I know she studies hard so she should do alright.

    The property sounds great, lol, is it above the flood plain?

  2. How lovely to see Lake Tyrell – and so sorry to hear that Ashley has to wait till next year to come home a winner!!!! You can never pack the right part – though you seemed to do very well with your fingerless mittens and comfy seat!
    My Mum was one of the founders of the Mallee Ralley way back in the 70s – nice to see it is still going strong!
    Hugs, Jasmine

  3. Love the photo of you knitting at the rally!!! Mmmm we have a similar exam result for Biology ……not happy! Apparently the teachers set a very hard mid year exam which hardly any of the kids do well in and then the end of year exam is completely different. Too bad that they have already destroyed the confidence now.

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