The Ugly Tea Cosy

Each month at the Spinners and Weavers meeting in Cohuna we try, as a group, to have a go at a new technique. Some months it may be crochet. Others Knitting.  Even occasionally spinning.  Marcella did the most exquisite bobbin lace all the while keeping up with what everyone else was doing. Amazing.  Other times we just work on what we want to do.  It’s never compulsory to try but everyone generally does as we are all very good at encouraging each other….not to mention laughing at each others mistakes – which can be very different and varied.  We call them “creative licence”.

Of course with so many older members there is a fabulous amount of knowledge that can be called upon when trouble strikes during a project and there is generally someone who has made that mistake before or better still knows how to fix it…vbg.  There is always plenty of help too when starting off a new project and I will admit to sending to Winifred two afghan patterns I had found that I could not work out despite lots of hours of frustrated trying- which of course she did work out in a trice  and has even given me samples of what the crocheted blocks will look like when done.  Got to love that woman – she said they were easy – and they were when you have as many years experience in crochet as she has.   The best part of all this knowledge is  that many of the older members get to pass down their knowledge to the next generation so that skills and techniques aren’t lost.

Mosaic Knitting was the technique to be learnt on Tuesday meeting.

We had to bring two contrasting balls of 8 ply wool and 4 mm needles – dopey me grabbed the first two balls that came to hand – hot pink and black. Not colours I would normally choose and I was green with envy at Kathy’s combination of deep purple and bright yellow or Grace’s bright green and deep maroon.  Simply stunning.

Arleen had written out the pattern and provided charts and it was heaps of fun and super easy.

Mosaic Knitting

I had found following the charts was easiest.  With all the chatting it was hard to follow a written pattern but I did manage to get three patterns done on my sample.

Julie had cast on enough stitches to knit a tea cosy which was a brilliant idea rather than just have a sample of knitting lying around. We are all into using the bits we produce – much better than spending hours on a technique with only a sample to show at the end of it.  I decided when I got home that the piece I knitted could be made into a tea cosy as well.  Hah first mistake. Of course I hadn’t cast on enough stitches and I think my tea post has a decidedly fat stomach as what I knitted certainly wouldn’t cover even half of it…sigh.

So rather than pull out what I knitted I knitted another half then proceded to knit a gusset piece to allow the tea cosy to fit on my pot.  Hmm second mistake.

An Ugly Tea Cosy

In the end I made a tea cosy but it has to be the ugliest one I have ever made and I spent more time trying to fix the mistakes and making it fit than had I frogged back the original sample and started knitting again with the right number of stitches so it fitted properly.  Big Sigh.  Still with the freezing weather we are having and the gloomy days this will be a bright addition to my kitchen…..and it is bright – the photo dulls down the pink by about a third!!

Do a google search for Mosaic knitting if you are interested. It is super easy and it can be done in garter stitch so it’s suitable for even the beginner.  Throw in the fact it’s easy to draft out your own motif patterns and I think it’s a winner.


3 thoughts on “The Ugly Tea Cosy

  1. It’s frustrating to work on something only to have it not turn out how you want it to, been there done that. I think your work around is creative and it’s not ugly as you think it is in fact I like how the design is broken up by the plain pink. It will keep the tea quite hot and because you don’t think it’s stellar you won’t worry if it gets some tea drips on it. You’ll probaby end up using this one more than you would a fancy one you keep for company.

    Speaking of company, I found the perfect pot at the op shop that holds about 8 cups is pale yellow and I use it when I have my bible study group over. It matches the wonderful tea cosy you made me. 🙂

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