Carbon Tax Advertising

I am the first to admit that politics bores me.

All those supposedly mature people attempting to run the country but acting like two year olds who are long overdue for a sleep in Parliament Question Time does not rock my boat.  It has to be said, however,  that this Carbon Tax that the Prime Minister is talking about imposing on us has both Ashley and I scratching our heads and wondering how on earth it will work.  Never mind what it will cost us in taxes both our personal and business lives.  while there seems to be lots of information out there, anything that you do find seems to be biased one way or the other instead of giving an independant view that would show clearly the “Yes” and “No” sides to the debate.  Throw in the new Carbon Tax ads on TV starring Cate Blanchette, Michael Caton and other “ordinary” persons and I’m about ready to throw a brick at the television…..or for that matter the next politician or celebrity who is trying to tell me what to think or how I should vote.

So it was with interest that I read the article today by Andrew Bolt in the Herald Sun.  You can find the article here and it’s well worth a read.

I will admit that both the ad and the article has created discussion around our kitchen table.  Unfortunately both have caused even more confusion…..and that’s from a family who is not interested in politics and who are just trying to live our lives.

I don’t think there is an easy answer to what we are doing, not only in our own country but also the world.  I do know that unless each of us takes responsibility for our own actions and reduces our impact on the planet there is going to be a very difficult road ahead for future generations.  Maybe it’s time we asked those in power just what they are personally doing to reduce their impact on the planet?  Not what they are doing as a political group, but what  they are doing as an individual.

Off my soap box now.  As I said I’m not into politics at all and trust me this blog won’t become another blog shouting out political views – cause quite frankly I couldn’t care less.

For those who are trying to live a more sustainable life have at look at the Renew Magazine  put out by the Alternative Technology Association.  We found the magazine in a newsagent while on holidays but you may find it in your local library.   Ashley was so impressed with the ideas in the magazine on sustainable building practice, alternative energy sources etc he subscribed to the magazine when we got home.  Best of all it’s Australian so the ideas are designed with our climate in mind.  No affils and all that stuff but there was some pretty impressive ideas on offer in the magazine and they have certainly got Ashley thinking outside the square when it comes to alternative energy sources around our home.


4 thoughts on “Carbon Tax Advertising

  1. They’ve been trying to do Cap & Trade (or cap & tax, depending on who you talk to) here in the U.S. for some time now. Depending on what side of the political spectrum you’re on, people see it as either successful or a failure (at the same time!). Those who favor industrial freedom oppose it because it costs them money. How much money? in general just a small percentage of energy company profits in a year. One study I saw here in the U.S. quoted 3% of an energy company’s profits in order to fix their power plants to avoid the tax. To the company and their shareholders that may mean slightly less profit, but it certainly shouldn’t have to affect what power customers pay.

    What I’ve gotten out of watching the whole thing unfold here is this: lobbyists will cry foul and say how any regulation will disrupt the economy and massive job cuts will happen because of it. And yet every time that never happens.

  2. It seems to me that most people agree that we should do something about climate change and unsustainable lifestyles in general, however most people are not willing to actually change or make any sacrifices. I read a poll somewhere in which the majority wanted to see action on climate change, but in another question the majority didn’t want to pay more for electricity. That leaves us stuck with coal fired power and greenhouse emissions.

    To try to keep everyone happy, the govt then imposes a poorly-thought out, half-arsed carbon tax, in which they appear to be doing “something” about climate change, but in reality will achieve little (especially as it gets watered down by industry lobbying) because actually changing things is unpopular with the public.

    We’ve got so sick of the whole thing (peak oil as well, which govt seems happy to ignore) that my husband and I decided we should just make our lifestyle as self-sufficient as possible. Then if the worst does happen it won’t hurt us as much as those who have been in denial. At least we can come close to proving for our own food/water/energy needs without relying on a centralised system (and we don’t live near the coast!).

    As for that article, it is a classic example of straw-man building (see, in which you twist you opponent’s argument to mean something that they didn’t intend and then knock holes in it. For example, going on about the location of the power station in the background as if that’s an important an important point, when its just an image used to symbolise polluting industry etc etc etc. Its so terrible I can’t even be bothered replying to each point, you can see for yourself (apart from the healthcare one, that is just weird). Personally I don’t need SCIENCE to prove to me that the way we currently live is unsustainable, I’m happy to go with intuition on this one.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we all put our energy into making a change rather than arguing over the reasons for it!

  3. I find it refreshing to read Andrew Bolt and see the obvious holes he points out in these issues.
    I agree they are not easy but simple things such as asking people to stop sending unnecessary mail, not buying newspapers etc at least cut down on some of the awful paper wastage.
    I was so angry at the thought of imported apples being cheap I wrote to the PM who is my local member and a friend equally incensed by the live animal shipping did the same thing. It is easy to be angry and not put pen to paper or even bother to send an email in this day and age.
    I prefer to plant fruit trees wherever I can and wish I lived on the land again to plant mega amounts of trees.
    I decided that solar was not economically viable for me at this time, but had I been younger would have investigated more. I held off on tanks until I saw what the weather pattern was going to do and I am glad for now that I did. As for a tax on water in dams etc, that makes me ballistic.

  4. “They” keep telling us that con tax arbis going to cost a fortune and disadvantage low income pple but nobody has actually said how much more it is going to cost. I sat down with my power bills and worked out how much more it will cost me. If tax is $10/tonne then I get to cough up an extra $16 a year. It isn’t really going to break the bank. Even if the tax is three times that I can handle an extra $48/year… There is a lot of scaremongering going on. Sure there will be more on petrol etc (perhaps?) but it is still not going to be thousands of dollars extra. Unless we are Lindsay Fox…
    Hugs, Jasmine

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