When we went to Castlemaine, James and I wandered around the Botanical Gardens picking up fallen acorns with the idea we would have a go at growing some.

Last time we had that brilliant idea we made the mistake of putting the acorns in a plastic bag and promptly forgot about them only to find, when we did remember them, that they had rotted.  Ewwwww.

This time we put them into a small cardboard box and left the lid open. We even remembered to put them where we would find them when we got home!

A month or so ago we got busy and planted our acorns – after doing a search on the net to find out just what you have to do with acorns.  We found that we had to put all the acorns in a bucket of water.  If they floated they weren’t any good, if they sank they were.


They all sank!!!!

Acorns Planted

There just isn’t room for two dozen oak trees on our block so James and I scientifically sorted out what we would plant.  It was a tough decision in the end we picked three “Long”, three “Medium long”, three “Medium” and three “small” and planted them.  See I told you it was a scientific way of working out what to plant.  It will really be a bugger if they all grow cause I hate throwing out trees – especially those I have managed to grow from seed.  Of course I could be counting the chickens (or in this case acorns) before they hatch.

At last we have seen the beginnings of a tiny root emerging from one of the acorns.


James is very excited.

I am to for that matter.

If one is growing surely the rest will follow?

Maybe I should start trying to work out where they will all go.


3 thoughts on “Acorns

  1. I wouldn’t worry about them all growing just be thankful for the ones that do and I wouldn’t worry about having to plant them all as I’m sure your neighbours would love to get them. We planted an oak tree two years ago. The trunk was about a two inch diameter, cost us $269.00…so as I said lots of folks should be happy to get them.

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