Container Gardening

If you can work out why a slightly silly Red Heeler would want to sit in a pot in the shade instead of in the sun let me know.

Container Gardening

Everytime I asked her I got “the look”.

Ignoring Me.

Then she ignored me.


Finally it was all too much to answer my questions and Milly decided on a lie down.

That’s where she stayed until I had finished gardening.

I’m not asking any more – it’s way to much for a Monday morning.

BUT it does go to show you can grow ANYTHING  in a pot!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Container Gardening

  1. I was going to say that the pot would be cool as well but seeing as how it’s fall over there that’s probably not the reason. Maybe she saw it as a safe den to sleep.

  2. Richard has grown oak trees quite successfully from the acorns (please don’t ask what he did with the seedling trees – the object of the exercise was to grow them, what happens to them ultimately is anybody’s guess). We went to collect acorns from the Scarlett Oaks in one of the public gardens near Lake Burley Griffin last week, however the cockatoos had beaten us to it. We did manage to find a few still intact so we hope they grow. They are beautiful trees in that garden.

    James will enjoy seeing the success of his planting.

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