Theories aren’t worth thinking about

The theory was that I would have a really relaxing weekend.  A long lie in bed which, when I finally woke, would see me sitting up in bed, cup of tea on the bedside table and a good book in my hand.  That part happened.

I wasn’t going to do anything more strenuous than do some reading, a little light knitting and drink several more cups of tea when I finally got up.  That part happened.

A nanna nap was also on the agenda.  That part happened.

What I did not count on was the 9 loads of washing I did on Saturday. Thank heavens the weather was unseasonably warm and windy so most dried.  Unfortunately some idiot decided to burn off and as the wind was blowing towards our house (and my washing) I had to bring quite a bit in before it was completely dry and so started the endless round of “should  I use the dryer or have the “Chinese laundry” effect in my lounge room? I’m afraid the dryer won – well for most of it. There simply isn’t enough room in my lounge room to dry all those clothes nor are there enough clothes horses in this house to hang them on.

Saturday night saw Ashley coming to bed around midnight and waking me up as he got into bed. Then I couldn’t get back to sleep as the heavy beat of bass could be heard from the party up on the corner that was still in full swing at 2 am!!!  Apparently it was an after party for a debutante ball and rumor has it (and knowing the family I would believe it) Dad left to go to a motel to sleep while Mum disappeared inside and let the kids do as they wanted. Hmmmmm

Sunday dawned with the promise of much needed rain and down it came.  Some quite heavy showers.  Not sure how much in total but a bit is better than nothing.  I convinced Ashley he needed to go shopping with me – as much to show him how much the price on everything has risen – but also because I wanted the company and help.  Not sure how much he noticed the prices but I noticed the help..vbg.  My theory was that if I shopped today then I could have the next few days off as Ashley has a work experience boy with him for three days…..and that’s where my theory fell apart.

Aside from the fact we have a big (and I do mean big house with down lights in every room – including the toilet) to wire he also wants my opinion on how this boy works.  This young man has approached Ashley asking for the chance to do some work experience with him and has stepped up to the mark and organised everything from his end including all the paperwork. He is looking for a school based apprenticeship where he would work one day a week for us (or someone) and the rest of the time attend school and after two years it would mean he would qualify as having finished his first year of an electrical apprenticeship with the hope that either we, or some one else, would employ him to allow him complete his apprenticeship  to qualify as an electrician.   This is just a trial and we will see how he goes as it’s a big decision to take on an employee let alone an apprentice.  We  tried one boy with disastrous results and it’s put us off the whole apprentice merry go round and have been thinking that the only apprentice Ashley might ever have is James if that’s what James wants to do.  Still fingers crossed this young man will have the work ethic and smarts to do a good job and might be just the person we need – even though we haven’t really been looking if you know what I mean.  His father assures me that if he isn’t what we are looking for then they will understand and appreciate the fact we have given him a chance.   Time will tell.

In the meantime all those lovely jobs such as  bottling apples, cleaning the house, mending etc that I was looking forward to so much are on hold until I get more time.  Sigh.

The good news is I did finish off a beanie to go with some mittens I had knitted some time ago and I have crocheted about four rounds of my cowl and am super happy with the progress I am making on that.

Photos and more details when I find the camera and catch my breath.


One thought on “Theories aren’t worth thinking about

  1. Hope the young lad works out and I’d say give him a go as young things now a days have such a hard time finding jobs or at least over here they do, who knows he might work out. At least he will get an idea of what being an electrician is all about and whether or not it’s a job he wants to do for the rest of his life.

    Jen got to job shadow with the optomitrist down the end of the street. She wasn’t paid but the experience confirmed for her that she wanted to be an optomitrist, it took her seven years of school but now she has a well paying job.

    The kids get an oportunity in high school to job shadow a willing business who will allow them the opportunity to help out. They get a school credit for it. Considering how expensive university/college is it’s nice to know what goal to aim for before spending all that money.

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