James’s Crochet Beanie

There has been lots of crocheting happening around here.  Mainly because by the time Ashley and I stop work for lunch or the end of the day – I’m so damm tired I don’t feel like doing anything other than sit in my nice comfy chair that cradles my aching limbs and just work on something fairly simple.  My ankles, knees and hips are so sore – I didn’t think they could hurt that much – and even my skin is sore to touch that the prospect of doing anything that does not involve sitting down doesn’t even get a look in.

Throw in the fact it is decidedly cool/cold/freezing today and it was the perfect excuse to rearrange the lounge room so my chair is positioned just nicely near the fire…vbg….which of course offers yet another opportunity to sit and crochet or knit in comfort.

As always I’ve been on the look out for simple fast patterns that I can make as Christmas presents. This one fitted the bill nicely and best of all you can measure the recipient (not so easy if it’s destined as a surprise) so it fits them perfectly.

Crocheted Beanie

James needed a new winter hat and I found this Skater Beanie on Raverly quite by accident. It’s brilliant. Easy to do, fast to make and it fits James exactly….which may of course mean that I have finally mastered getting an 11 year old boy to stay still long enough to get reasonable measurements of his head without resorting to bribing him.    ; – )

The Beanie

Of course by the time I had measured his head and tried on the beanie the whole “secret Christmas present” thingie had gone right out the window but he does love his new beanie and best of all now I get to make him a secret one for Christmas but a slightly larger size so I know it will fit next winter.

I used scraps of acrylic wool – those odd balls of grey that have been around forever and I didn’t know what else to use them for – and a bit of blue that again has been lingering in the box but begging to be used.  James loves the hat and tells me that the colours are just what he wanted.

Yipee…………………….another win for Mum.

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