Baby it’s cold out there….

I won’t bore you with the details as to where I have been of late but trust me INSANELY BUSY does not even begin to describe how much work Ashley and I have had on since Easter.  I have barely had half a day off a week (including working Mothers Day!!!) which did not impress me in the slightest.  Ashley has been running around everywhere and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight.  I know we should be grateful that there is plenty of work – so much of the town is slowing down – almost as if it is preparing itself for a long winter sleep, but there is no let up in sight for us.

Still with the colder weather it is wood cutting time.  Normally we go out at Easter but that didn’t happen this year so Ashley and I packed up the dogs and went out yesterday.  Elise had homework, Nicola didn’t feel well and James thought he couldn’t be bothered helping, so it was just the “olds” and dogs.

Cuppa anyone???

It was cool and cloudy and almost sinfully wicked to sit next to a camp fire drinking hot cups of tea when we needed a break.


The dogs had a ball.  There was lots of hunting and sniffing and even the excavation of a mouse burrow underneath a stump. We didn’t mind the digging but when Ajax ate two mice we weren’t impressed….ewwwww.

Digging for Mice

After nearly 25 years of working together, Ashley and I have developed a rhythm of working that just flows with each of us knowing our roles and falling into a routine very quickly.  It took very little time to get a trailer full of wood and have some more cut ready for next time.  And there will be plenty of next times – there was a good frost on the lawn today with more forecast.

Working Hard

The only major stuff up for the day was when it was time for lunch – I had forgotten to pack the hamburgers and the butter but did manage to remember everything else. It was a minor thing but we were both looking forward to lunch out “bush” in the peace and quiet. Never mind we were home by 12.30 pm and had lunch then. The hamburgers were sitting in the esky on the bench where I had put them that morning….sigh.

Next time I will remember everything.

4 thoughts on “Baby it’s cold out there….

  1. There is something deeply soul-pleasing about the companionship of working together like that. Thanks for sharing.

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