Easter Egg Hunt

Just because we didn’t go camping didn’t mean the kids missed out on their annual Easter Egg Hunt.


I think the thrill of finding those eggs is more exciting than the actual eating on them.  Well that’s my theory anyway…vbg.

Looking Hard

Ashley and I  always forget to count just how many eggs we put out but we are pretty sure that the kids found them all…..well apart from the one that Milly ate – tin foil and all…sigh.


If anything it was harder to find the eggs this year. While yes they are brightly coloured they were nestled in amongst green grass and plants not the browns of dead leaves and dirt as they normally are while camping.

Counting the Spoils

As always the eggs are counted then divided evenly between all of us.

I had a momentary step forward in time while taking photos – I could see our grandchildren hunting for eggs the way our children do. It will be a lovely tradition to continue on with.

One thought on “Easter Egg Hunt

  1. Hope you all had a great Easter, we did here. Had the dinner yesterday so Easter Sunday was just mostly church and relaxing.

    Put some eggs and treats out for baby Chase to find amazing how he caught on so fast. Put the basket in his hand directed him to the first shiney foil egg and he automatically put it in the basket and then it was 20 gazillion picture taking opportunities from there 🙂

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