Ashley and I had the best conversation Wednesday night.

C: “I’m knackered.”

A: (Lying on the couch half asleep)  “Me too.”

C: “Do we have to go camping?”

A: (slightly more awake – cause a dog jumped on him) “No”.

C: Well what will we do over Easter then?”

A: “Nothing.  I’m going to wander around, look at stuff in the shed, think about what’s in the shed and sleep.”

C:  “Sounds good – so camping is off defiantely then?”

A: “Absolutely.”

Got to love it when a decision is made so easily…vbg.

Ashley has wandered around, looked and thought about stuff in the shed, put in the new windows in the bus and cruised the net.

I have washed, cleaned the sewing room, crocheted and gardened.

Today we went to Murrabit where I bought forty tube trees (natives) to plant along the front drive and some penstemons.  Ashley bought some fittings for the air hose.

This afternoon I’m sleeping.

Happy Easter.


3 thoughts on “Relaxing

  1. Sounds like my kinda Easter C… So far I’ve slept, read, stitched, ate, slept some more… I’m afraid I haven’t got enough energy to do much else… We just went and did the weekly shopping and I am amazed at the amount of people madly shopping…It’s not like the retail doors are going to close even tomorrow… I remember Easters ( showing my age here) when very, very little was open and people just had to make do… And I saw a chocolate Easter rabbit for $75 dollars – it was a bargain – it was reduced from $99!!!! Who would pay that amount of money for chocolate… The retail world never ceases to amaze me…

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