While The Billy Boils

I finally made it to Cohuna last Tuesday for Spinners and Weavers. Its been months since I had been due to the floods but the waters have receded (somewhat) and the roads were clear so off I went. I hadn’t realised just how much I had missed the company of other crafty women until I was travelling home. It was a much needed crafty boost that has fired up the crafting mojo and I have ideas boiling away on my brain.  Now to find the time to bring them all to fruition.

While I was there Joy took us over to the exhibition that the Cohuna Community Gallery is having at the moment.

“While The Billy Boils” is an exhibition that the gallery has put on to celebrate the drinking of tea!

Details of Exhibition

I was fascinated.  So many tea cosies, gorgeous tea sets, tea strainers and tea cans – truly I was in tea heaven…vbg.


I have dropped a massive hint to Ashley that I want something similar made to this “tree” for my garden – minus the tea cups that is. It is made from bars of metal rods with barbed wire and grape vine wrapped around it and was nearly 6 foot tall. Love it.

Barb wire, steel posts and tea cups make a statement

One of the spinners and weavers ladies made this tea cosy nearly 50 years ago. She says now she wonders where on earth she had the patience and time as her family would have been only young then. It’s knitted using the lace that you so often see adorning hand made coat hangers these days. I think it’s stunning – she wasn’t so sure…vbg.

Knitted by one of our Spinners and Weavers ladies - over 50 years ago.

If anyone knows where I would find a pattern like this please let me know. I fell in love with this tea cosy and would love to have a go at making one similar.

Love this cosy.

This Billy cosy was made in WW2 out of scraps of jumpers that had been pulled apart and made into other items of clothing. I can just see whoever made it looking at those scraps of wool and thinking they were too good to throw away so lets make something useful.

Made in WW2 with scraps from jumpers that had been repurposed into new clothes

Of all the exhibits in the gallery this had to be my absolute favorite.

Metal Tea cosies, lined with felt, that slip over china tea pots

The tea and coffee pot, and creamer jug are china while the cosies are made of aluminium (I think) and are lined with felt that was held in place with tiny metal tabs.  Each cosy fitted over the top of the pot/jug and stayed in place as there were gaps cut for the handles and spouts to fit into.  The felt inside these, while not new, certainly wasn’t all that worn so I don’t think they had been used all that much. I’m now on the lookout of a set like this as I love it.

If you are passing through Cohuna take the time to pop into the gallery and look at this exhibition. It’s on until Easter and well worth stopping for a look. Details are on the poster in the first photo. The Gallery is in the Old Library in the Gannawarra Shire Building.  It’s easy to find as it’s in the street behind the main street that the highway runs though. The street behind the pub as the girls tell me…vbg.


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