Holidays – here we come.

We are off for a week to Castlemaine and surroundings when the family finally drag themselves out of their beds today.

Lots of knitting and crochet and books have been packed in the bus – along with the everyday stuff like food and clothing and other essentials such as homework for Elise and games for Nicola and James.

We are all looking forward to checking out the antique shops and possibly a market or two and Ashley has said a day  in Ballarat is going to happen so I’m crossing my fingers that I will get to see Annie, Rachel and Jodie if I’m lucky and smile nicely at him….lol.

We are all looking forward to some down time – it’s been hectic and chaotic and stressful the past few weeks and a week relaxing doing just what we fancy with no pressure will do us all good.

Hopefully there will even be a finished project or at the very least a project that is coming along nicely to show you when I get home.



3 thoughts on “Holidays – here we come.

  1. Catherine
    You, Ashley and the Kids
    really NEED time to stop and smell the daisies!
    Trust me, you NEED grab every moment that keeps your family UNIFIED!
    Quality times are what keep memories and “togetherness” Viable and so strong in your collective memories.

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