Making Things

Finally I have the shirt/top I have been making finished and a photo taken and it has been worn down the street already.

For such a simple top it seemed to take its time being completed but I’m so happy with it.

Simplicity 3786

Simplicity  3786.  Size 16 – with no alternations to the side seams I’m happy to say.  Even the neckline sat well and doesn’t show too much cleavage – something which I loathe as I seem to have rather a lot of it….sigh.

I made Shirt A but used the top half of the sleeves from View D and they are just the right length. I cut them as the pattern was then turned them up an inch to create the hem.  While the pattern didn’t have it I added side seam slits – just because I could 😉

Have to say I love this shirt and I will be definitely making more. It was comfortable and roomy without looking like a sack and super easy.  With no interruptions (and now I know the pattern) I think, once it was cut out, I could probably have it made and finished in just a couple of hours.  Of course I could just be dreaming too…vbg.

Knitted blocks to make lap rugs

I have spent time in the evenings crocheting around all these knitted squares in preparation for joining them together. One of the girls at Spinners and Weavers has a mother who is madly knitting these blocks.  They are all the same and very simple but in lovely colors and destined, once they are made into lap rugs, to be sent to the retirement home for the ladies and gentlemen there to keep them warm.  I have had these blocks for months – there was no rush  J’s mother is churning out these blocks literally in their hundreds – but it was time to get my backside into gear and get them done.  One row is crocheted together – now I just have to keep going. I’m searching also for a nice crocheted edge to put around them. Nothing too fancy but something to add a little more to them.

The Purple socks are also finished.

Purple Socks

A bit pf perserverence and sitting in the chair until I finished them paid off and now they are ready to be worn.  They were destined to be a gift for someone – I hadn’t decided exactly who – but I’m keeping them. They are so soft and warm and just the thing to cheer a girl up on a cold winters day.  Thanks to Nicola, my semi reluctant foot model, I have a decent photo of them being worn as they are meant to be. Ohh and the wrinkles are because she has skinny slim “dancing on air” legs unlike her mothers rather solidly “planted on the ground” legs.

5 thoughts on “Making Things

  1. Wow bonus for the eye candy with this post I love everything you made. You look super in the top and I love the pattern on you and the material you used.

    I really like the afghan squares they look so pretty and it’ll look so nice when you get it done (too bad you can’t keep it) and of course the socks are so nice.

    What can I say I’m drawn to purples and blues; actually purples blues and greeny blues that go with those two colours so as I said lots and lots of yummy eye candy for me vbg. I’m going to have to get at making my own socks.

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