This Is On My Mind…..


Butternut Pumpkins

Butternut Pumpkins to be exact.

Twenty of the most delicious, organic pumpkins grown from just three plants up an old piece of mesh at the back of the vegie garden.

I’m so looking forward to homemade pumpkin soup and roasted and mashed pumpkins.  Yum



2 thoughts on “This Is On My Mind…..

  1. You want to swap some round and fat ones! I have them going crazy in the vegi patch. When is the best time to pick them and how much stork do I leave on them? I’m looking forward to eating all those yummy things too.

  2. They look good Catherine. Here we call them butternut squash. To us the pumpkins are the big orange ones in the fields that we use to make Jack O Lanterns for Halloween. Do you guys even have halloween? Well we use pumpkins for eating as well.

    To us pumpkins are the big orange ones and everything else is called squashes. There are a ton of different squashes and last year I think I saw you growing hubbard squashes but I could be wrong.

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