Shopping is Boring

Yes I will proudly stand up and wear the t-shirt that says “SHOPPING IS BORING”…..well I would if I have a t-shirt that said that.

I had some jobs to do down the street yesterday and Ashley and I thought we would meet for coffee as he was working on one of the local shops.  Not a bad idea – coffee with hubby is always nice.

I will confess to buying a pair of track pants (my last decent pair decided to rip themselves on the mower deck – why I wore them out mowing I will never know) and a tea strainer/ball thing that you put tea leaves in then pop it in your tea pot to make the tea.  We didn’t have one for the bus and I’m sorry but pots of tea make with tea bags just aren’t the same.

Jobs finished I wandered back to Ashley around 10 am and he wasn’t ready. He and a mate were putting in an air conditioner and as always there is more to do than you first think.

“No probs – I’ll wander around the shops – text me when you are ready.” says me, blithely thinking I could fill in my time just window shopping as all my other jobs were finished.

Three quarters of an hour later I was bored out of my brain and so sick of looking at over priced clothes and shoes and don’t get me started on all those “must have” items to decorate a home. Arrrrrrrrrrrr.

I wandered back to hubby – again – he still wasn’t ready so I grabbed us a take away coffee, stood there and chatted to him, his mate and the plasterer as they worked then went home.  While it was nice to have coffee with Ashley it was a wasted morning when it came to the shops and quite frankly a cuppa at home would have been much nicer  and a hell of a lot cheaper.

I really don’t need the watchamacallit’s in the shops, nor did I feel the need to try on endless clothes or shoes just in case there was something there that might look nice on me.  The homewares were very unexciting and there was just nothing there that I needed. Really needed.  Well apart from new track pants and a tea ball.

I’m so proud of myself. The all encompassing consumerism that abounds in our world is lessening it’s hold on  me and I feel wonderful.


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