Gardening, Sewing and a Thank You

Firstly I want to say a huge thank you to all those who commented on my post “A Personal Opinion”. It meant so much to read all those lovely comments and to know that I’m not so alone in wanting a better world.  I confess I did wonder if I was putting myself “out there” and got Elise to read the post before I hit publish.  I was pleasantly surprised by her reaction.  One she was amazed I could write….duh….what does she think  I do on this blog, and two she felt that I had expressed what this family was feeling particularly well. And here was I thinking that the kids all thought that here was Mum on another wild tangent. Could it be that while they are pretending not to notice that they actually are noticing the little things I do to make a difference in our lives?  Regardless I’m committed to this road our lives are on and we shall continue and of course the results will be blogged.  They may seem insignificant moments but those moments add up to a lifetime of achievements.

Gardening today. I have been trying very hard to do a bit each day and am slowly winning the war on weeds in small areas.  The poisoning I did the other week has worked wonders and I can see the outlines of garden beds again…..even if at this stage they are marked by yellowing weeds. As always there are spots I have missed and some grass will have to be redone before I dare plant anything there but progress is being made.

Looking towards the Fire Pit

I started cleaning up around the fire pit yesterday and made a bit of progress. Rain last night (not the deluge that hit Mildura) but a nice gentle rain that soaked in beautifully and made weed pulling so much easier.  I never mind pulling weeds when they are freshly washed with rain. It’s easier and always seems to be a much nicer task.  At last it is possible to walk all the way around the fire pit but I am going to have to keep a close eye on the path and keep on top of the weeds. Lots of seeds fell (darn it) so I think with the conditions we have the weed seedlings will be up again before I know it.  Which begs the question why don’t vegie or flower seeds sprout as readily??

The Fire Pit - path cleaned weeds to be burnt

With less distractions I would be further along with my sewing than I am.  It took very little time to lay out the pattern for the blouse I wanted to make. I cut out View A but used the top section of sleeve from View D (the floral blouse the model is wearing) as I wanted short sleeves but not puffy ones.

Simplicity 3786

By some careful wiggling and the fact the pattern on the material looked the same no matter which way you looked at  it I manged to get the whole blouse out of 2 yards of fabric.  Yes that was yards as this was the fabric I bought from Thousands of Bolts.

Ready to cut out

Fingers crossed today I will get the hems sewn, shoulder pads sewn in (I have very sloping shoulders and the shirt looked horrible without them) and it pressed and ready to wear.

5 thoughts on “Gardening, Sewing and a Thank You

  1. Good luck with getting the top done the colour should look great on you. The gardening is looking good as well. I’m going to have the same problem as you with the weed seeds once it warms up here.

    Somewhere I heard or read that if you let the weeds go then it takes seven years of hard work before you can get them back under control, lol, in my case then it must be hopeless.

  2. I like your comment about how easily weeds grow! I find the same when I am pulling grass out of the garden after spending time PLANTING the exact same grass species in the paddocks! However, I have tomatoes sprouted all around one garden bed where I put down compost a few weeks ago. I think they will be cherry tomatoes and I don’t know what they will think of winter frosts, but at least its better than weeds. The only good thing about weeds is when you get a decent big one with a deep tap root and put it in the compost knowing its probably full of nutrients……

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