Fabric + Patterns = Sewing

My fabric arrived last week. 

I’ve been drooling over it for the past few days.

You know what it’s like.  You pull out each lot of fabric, run your hand over it.  Admire the quality of the fabric.  Admire the colours in it.  Congratulate yourself on such good taste.  Wonder if you should have bought more fabric since it is so wonderful.

Then………………………..you have to wait for the patterns to arrive…………..sigh.

Patterns and Fabric

They were at the post office today….yipee.  The skirts and tops are mine the evening dress is another trial run for Elise.  She is thinking about the blue dress in the top left corner.

Fabric from Thousands of Bolts and patterns from Sewingpatterns.com.  With the Aussie dollar so good against the US dollar it was hard to know when to stop. 

Another excellent site if you are thinking of trying a new pattern but just aren’t sure how good that pattern is – try looking at Sewing Pattern Review.  You can search for the pattern you are looking at and if others have made it they will often have given it a review. I like the fact you can look at photos of “regular” people wearing the garment so you can get more of an idea of what it will look like on someone who isn’t six foot tall and stick thin…..something I certainly am not.

4 thoughts on “Fabric + Patterns = Sewing

  1. Love the patterns and fabric. Hmmm, looks like the fabric could be used for quilts to me vbg. You may have to go out and buy more just to make sure you got the right type.

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