Lots and Lots of Socks

Well ok only three pairs – or if I want to be totally honest – two finished pairs and a beginning of a third.

Confused yet??? 

Green Socks

Green socks

Blue Socks

Blue Socks

Green and Blue socks – started on two circular needles and finished on double pointed needles.

Green and Blue Socks

Socks on the legs of two children who were giggling so much the whole bed was shaking. It’s very hard to take photos of moving socks  I have discovered.

Socks on Giggly Children's legs

Purple socks – a beginning. I started with toe up socks and after trying three different methods of casting on and creating the toes, gave up and reverted by to the old cuff down sock which I know by heart.

Purple Socks

Cheating???  No saving my sanity!!!!

I’m also experimenting with colours – and knitting two socks at the same time so I don’t stuff up which colour to use next – which may tip me over insanities edge by the time I am finished.


3 thoughts on “Lots and Lots of Socks

  1. Love, love the socks and I thought those weren’t your legs. Was this james and a friend?

    My favourite is the blue pair. I was looking at sock yarn today, actually I was looking at all sorts of yarn but resisted the urge to buy and gave away my 40% off one item coupons away to some appreciative ladies. Currently working on Dr Seuss.

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