St James’s Palace

James and I have spent two days constructing the new Chook Palace.

I have this small part of the garden, right next to where the vegies are growing, that I decided would be a perfect spot for another vegie garden bed.  Ashley agrees – not that he had a lot of choice…vbg, so James and I have rounded up metal star pickets, some left over fencing wire, lots of cable ties ( to hold the whole thing together) and the mattress frame from an old bed and played around creating the newest chook palace.

Their New Home

It is a very temporary structure.  Merely there long enough for the chooks to clean up the horrible creepy grass that has invaded that bed, manure the ground and eat any bugs.


The girls are in seventh heaven and I think have totally forgotton about there chooky sisters who are still in the main chook pen.

Bug and Weed heaven

I’m hoping they will clear the area enough I can dig out the roses and relocate them and then begin to build the new vegetable bed.  I am thinking that these three girls will be returned to the main flock perhaps next weekend and three fresh chooks put in here to continue their good work.

Milly Checking out the new arrivals

Milly is not totally sure she approves of the new developments.  So far she is just watching them and hopefully we have made the pen dog proof – but in the mean time the girls will provide plenty of “chook viewing” for Milly and we will keep a close eye on her.

Who Me???  Would I lay here?

While going down to the chook pen so James  could grab select the new residents for St James’s Palace we noitced a head popping up from the old laundry trough that is attached to the tank stand.  While cleaning up in this area on Saturday James and I noticed about 8 eggs in this trough and wondered how old they were. They were on today’s list to remove.

Caught laying in an old Laundry Trough

The culprit was found and trust me she was not happy about being disturbed.  We watched her finish laying her egg, hope up onto the tank stand, walk through the netting that is just sitting there and hop down into the chook pen/orchard and go on her merry way.  Another spot to check for eggs.  At least we don’t have to bend to pick them up….lol.

2 thoughts on “St James’s Palace

  1. That sure is a chooks palace!!! Good idea to rotate the girls to stop the jealousy! Poor Milly , it is a tease! They find odd places to lay, as long as you know to look there it is okay otherwise it can be a very smelly job!

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