A Furry Pain in the Behind aka The Great Mouse Catcher

Jess and I have declared war once again. 

I love our moggie Jess and truly he is gorgeous but these games he is playing have to stop.

Jess and the Home Circle Quilt

There are lots of mice around.  Lots of feed, mild weather etc has created a mouse explosion.

There are tales of while farmers are harvesting the crops mice run in front of the headers. I have seen them running away from the tractor and mower deck while I have been mowing lawns. Mice that is – not farmers.

Chair reclaimed

Jess has decided that it would be a good idea to bring mice inside (one at a time)  and play with them while they are still alive.

Trouble is then he gets bored with the whole playing thing and lets it go where of course little mousie runs for the nearest bedroom to hide which also happens to be Elise’s!!!!

Both girls have taken to shutting their doors at night (previously unheard of in this house) and jamming towels under the doors to prevent any nocturnal visitors.

We have tried locking him outside in the big cat cage but he just sits by the door and cries until someone lets him in. Yes he is a house cat.

Jess Warming himself by the iron

We tried locking him inside (litter box provided) but he sat by the door and cried to get outside. No doubt those mice were holding a party and didn’t invite him.

The final straw has been the last few  nights when I have woken at some unearthly hour to discover a half chewed mouse lying in the passage and Jess wandering around trying to look as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.

Finally Jess Approves of his Cushion

I know he is innocent looking but trust me this 12 year old cat is playing mouse mind games with me.  Shall we just say I can now look at the inside of a mouse and only slightly feel like throwing up. Annnnd I’m getting really good at disposing of them without thinking about it too much.

The dogs have seen so many of his treasures they now walk in a wide arc around them.

One of us is going to loose this war – I have a feeling it will be me.


2 thoughts on “A Furry Pain in the Behind aka The Great Mouse Catcher

  1. Ms Moggie and I had this game a while back…..she would catch baby mice, preferably about 2 am, race into my ensuite,dump them into the shower where if I shut the door she had a confined racing track……oh Mummy just what I wanted.
    But not what Mummy wanted. So I grabbed the toilet brush, impaled the mouse, grabbed the darn thing by the tail, never did I think I could do that, and tossed it down the toilet….duly flushed.
    After the third of these games in the one night…….I resorted to rat sack in small containers under the washing machine in the laundry which is the door they would have squeezed under and in a cupboard they had ventured into.
    Mummy 10/10 Mousies 0. moggie….a bit bored thank you Mum.
    For a cat that is meant to be dying of cancer…..this one is obviously very much alive and now dry food is out of the equation she is not being sick and life is tolerable…she is not in pain and purrs like a jaguar nicely tuned and sq-wakes for her half of a little tin of food. At the moment we are on strike as she will not eat the one on offer…..my heart has hardened in the past two weeks since hearing the vets verdict…so we have a stale mate of cat food in the bowl, this is the second half, after I threw the first half out and washed the bowl, but no go. So it comes in here and sits on a stool beside me. Curls up and goes to sleep.

  2. I remember visiting relatives in England and waking up in the middle of the night to look down seeing their cat munching on a mouse. My cat’s too lazy to go and get them now although he does like chasing chipmunks.

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