Handmade Christmas Update Number 3

 I would dearly love to say that I have been super busy and organised and all those other lovely things and be able to tell you that all my Christmas presents are made and wrapped.

The truth is far uglier.  Very little has been done.

I did manage to get a couple of aprons made though.

Aprons from Tea Towels

These were super easy. The main fabric is two tea towels I bought ages ago – goodness knows why – they weren’t destined for drying dishes I do know that!

I worked out how wide the “neck” part had to be – approx 9 inches then measured down 14 inches and cut a gentle curve from the neck to the side  to fit under the arms.  Cut some binding on the bias – folded it in half (longest edge to longest edge) and pressed it then folded the edges in to meet the middle and pressed it again and it curved gently around the curve (funny about that) when I sewed it.  The waist bands were cut at 4 inches wide, sewn, turned the right way out, pressed nicely and sewn on.  I even got fancy and sewed one end on an angle so they would look nice when tied around the cooks waist.  The neck strap was cut at 1.5 inches wide and sewn the same way as the waist straps and I cut a strip to sew along the top of the apron just to finish off that neck edge.  If these instructions seem a bit vague then do a google search – there are heaps of apron patterns out there.

Super easy and in total I think they cost about $3 each. I know the tea towels weren’t super expensive and the fabric I had in my cupboard so that’s a bit more of the stash reduced.  James liked them so much he has asked for his own apron – but he tells me it doesn’t have to be the same as these as he knows I won’t get anymore tea towel like these…vbg.  How right he is. I was so pleased with these that I went looking for more tea towel the same but no such luck.

I’m still knitting socks but am now thinking that handmade socks (idea courtesy of my Mum – I think it was a massive hint) might be just the thing for Christmas.  Sneakily I did get Nicola to try on a pair of socks I had just finished – she isn’t going to get them – but at least I know sizes.  Time will tell.


One thought on “Handmade Christmas Update Number 3

  1. Aprons look really nice. Isn’t it so nice to come up with ideas that use the stash especially when it’s stuff you bought on sale for “some day”.

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