What To Do With Camel Hair

Ever wondered just what to do with Camel Hair?

I washed it and let it dry.

Wrapped it in a clean sheet intending to get organised and, when I had time, go through the hair and pull out all the weed seeds (of which there are lots) before putting it through the drum carder before spinning it and later knitting it.

Ajax had other ideas.

Ajax - Lying on a camel hair.

Leaving it sitting on the sewing room floor until time permitted was taken as an open invitation to use it as a nice comfy bed.

Good think  I had it sitting in just the right size basket.


One thought on “What To Do With Camel Hair

  1. He reminds me of our cat. Same sort of thing, wash and dry clean clothes but heaven forbid that you leave them in the basket that’s asking for disaster.

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