Elise’s 18th Birthday Party

Elise’s 18th Birthday Party was a huge success.


Lots and lots of laughs. Fabulous presents.  A birthday girl who was enjoying herself to the hilt.  Food that was out of this world – especially the spit roasted pork and beef, and the best possible mix of friends and family.


There were no major disasters unless you count me nearly dropping the cake when I picked it up from the bakers. Unfortunately my hand squashed the “H” in Happy so there was a quick bit of icing mixed up and a new “H” was iced in along with several other letters as I couldn’t match the icing the baker has used…sigh.

Birthday Cake

No the cake isn’t on a funny angle. For some reason we only took a photo of the cake when it was facing the other way – so to save you standing on your heads in front of your compter screen (and risking possible injury) I rotated the photo. The was an “18” candle plus sparkly black birthday candles on the mud cake with lashings of chocolate icing – yumm.

The evening didn’t finish until around 1 pm when we all finally fell into bed.  Thank heavens the party was on Friday as it gave us a couple of days to recover.  Elise had another 18th to go to the next night so Sunday for her was spent either sleeping or lying around reading her book.

It still feels a little weird having an 18 year old – in the nicest possible way of course – but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Elise said to say a huge thank you to all those who sent Birthday Wishes. She was so pleased and suprised that people she didn’t know offered birthday congratulations.


3 thoughts on “Elise’s 18th Birthday Party

  1. Oh Elise!! Happy Happy Birthday to you!!!! Where did that time go??? I have had the pleasure of watching you and your brother and sister grow up via Calidore. May you continue to have a wonderful life full of only the best things…May there be new horizons and new paths to travel… All the best Sharon – Melbourne.

  2. LOL, watching her pour the drink the first thing that came to mind was university and campus parties. My how the time does fly doesn’t it? You turn around and blink and they’re all grown up. Next thing you know I’ll be calling you grandma vbg.

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